My Juiciest 2013 Resolution

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All day long today, I’ve been researching juice cleanses.


Don’t get me wrong, it was strictly for work. It wouldn’t even occur to me to voluntarily give up food and drink coffee so I can rid my body of toxins. Toxins, mind you, that shall reenter the minute the cleanse is done and I go back to good ol’ meat, carbs and caffeinated drinks.
>>I tried giving up coffee once, in college. It was bad.<<

But now I’ve wizened up on the health benefits of kale — did you know just a cup of the stuff has a smashing 1,328% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin K and 354% the RDA of Vitamin A? — and I’m thinking of trying a juice cleanse next year.

As, you know, one of my juicier resolutions. If not the juiciest. Ha!

Ryan Gosling, are you trying to tell me something?

The shortest juice cleanse is only three days and can be done (in the case of a serial long-distance racer) during an in-between races period. Don’t quote me on that, I just made it up.

Say, theoretically, a runner finishes a marathon, gives herself a few days to recharge the batteries fatty cells and liver, then does the cleansing stuff for three days. Goes back to normal; runs scheduled half marathon two weeks after that. Sounds like an OK plan to me. Yes?

Notice how committed I am already; penciling it in on a post-it!

–> Must research juice cleanses between now and March 17. <-- Have you ever done a juice cleanse? How’d it go? Where did you get the juice?

Today’s run:

Faked an interval workout today on the trail/ road behind our house. Does it count as intervals if you don’t do it on a track but still run six four-minute repeats at seven- to eight-minute mile?

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