Running In a Winter Wonderland

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Spotify plays, are you listening?
In the lane snow is glistening
A beautiful sight, I’m happy tonight
Running in a winter wonder land

I am actually listening to this song while writing this.


Anyway, I changed my mind about snow today. Rather, running in snow changed my mind about snow today. It’s not so bad, you know?

Oh, alright, it’s marvelous. You’ll have to hear all about it now.

We’re spending New Year’s at Lake Tahoe, so all week, everyone around me got an earful of “grumble-grumble” and “if I never saw snow again for the rest of my life I’d be just fine, thank you very much.”

Except for this Snow, of course:

… swoon …

Er… what was I talking about? Oh yeah. So the thing is, I have a 20-mile run on the schedule for this weekend and was not in the least looking forward to running in cold and wet snow.

That is, until we arrived at the house this afternoon and I decided to do a quick shake-out run — to see how it feels and all.

Right away, I knew I’d been wrong.

It was so quiet and white and peaceful:

Then it started snowing:

By the time I turned back, a fresh thin snow sheet covered the ground and I could literally retrace my footsteps:

By the time I was done…

It was glorious.

It made me so happy that when I saw a group of four people taking turns to take photos of each other, I stopped and volunteered to take one of all of them, grinning like a possum… Possibly scared them a little bit?

In all, it took me 35 minutes to run only three miles.

Tomorrow will be long and interesting. If I make it through the full 20, of course. Can’t wait!

Today’s run:

Check ’em out, 11-minute miles:

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