Lucky 7 for a Lucky 2013 — and Lots of Cold

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Happy New Year!

May your 2013 be fun, fantastic and filled with joy and many victories!

Now, let me ask you, what’d you do today? Something active, healthy and outdoorsy?

I have this theory, that how we spend January 1 has at least something to do with our New Year’s resolutions.

Resolved to be more fit? Went to the gym — or for a run. Resolved to eat healthy? Had a nice big salad for lunch.

Me, I made my official resolution to run 13 races of 13 miles or more in 2013 (but secretly hope I’ll do more, and longer ones). So this morning, I ran:

’twas nice!

So, based on this theory and no scientific evidence whatsoever, it looks like everyone around here resolved to dedicate their 2013 to skiing.

We spent the afternoon pretend-skiing; namely, we took the Lake Tahoe Gondola (really, it’s just a fancy name for a lift) for a ride with a bunch of people who were going skiing.

Here’s the gist of our trip, as described on the official Heavenly website:
The eight-passenger cabins take guests 2.4 miles up the mountain in 12 minutes while they enjoy views of Lake Tahoe. Just when it seems the ride can’t get any better, guests arrive at The Deck – a 14,000 square foot mid-station observation platform. Located at 9,123 feet, guests are treated to views of the Carson Valley, Desolation Wilderness and shore-to-shore views of Lake Tahoe.

And here’s the story like I experienced it:
The eight-passenger cabins take guests on a 2.4 mile bumpy ride up the mountain in 12 minutes while they enjoy their kid screaming over their popping ears. Just when it seems the ride can’t get any noisier, guests arrive at The Deck: a see-through metal-grate platform that would’ve given them motion sickness — were it not for the strongest and coldest wind they had ever experienced (and the fact that they forgot their gloves). Located at 9,123 feet, freezing guests are treated to views that they completely ignore due to their chattering teeth, but are luckily able to enjoy later, in the warmth of their home, thanks to the only photo they remember to take with their phone:

This is the only photo I took there; that’s how cold it was. Which is a shame, because really, it was beautiful.

Also, where else do you get to park in Nevada, then walk back to California for the remainder of your day?

Today’s run:

SO hilly, I am giving myself a free pass to substitute the next hills workout with an easy run. For real.

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