The Awkward Moment, Sporty Edition

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This morning, at 5:18 sharp, I walked into the gym beaming with pride at my speed and efficiency. I had woken up at 5 — and been in the car by 5:05. Swoosh!

Then I realized I’d forgotten a bunch of stuff. Like my contact lenses. And clean underwear. #Awkward.

That made me think, how many awkward moments have I had courtesy of running/ working out? Too many!

Below, I’ve sampled a few for you. Not because they’re not absolutely embarrassing, but because I know that any good ol’ runner, swimmer, cyclist, gym goer or weekend warrior has experienced at least a few of those themselves. And if I’m sharing, so must you.

The awkward moment when you…

1. Go to the gym and realize that you forgot clean underwear the minute you’re done with that particularly sweaty workout.
[Tip: Wash your undies, then use the swimsuit spinner/ dryer to dry it up. Good as new and you’re welcome.]

2. Go to yoga class and realize that you haven’t shaved your armpits in a week. #Ohmmmmm.

3. Go for a run and twist your ankle at exactly the half-way point. And there is no shortcut home. #toughlifegetoverit

4. Literally criss-cross a half-marathon finish line because you drank too much water and electrolytes and have been needing to pee since mile 10. You like to think your underwear is soaked with sweat.

5. Have to excuse yourself in the middle of a jumping-jack session to run to the bathroom. #MotherRunnerSpecial

6. Register for a race eight months in advance, then have to tell your boss that you can’t make the company retreat because of an important “prior commitment.”

7. Wear your Pro Compression socks to work thinking no one will notice them underneath your jeans — and get compliments on the color.

8. Speaking of yoga class…

someone else’s idea

Of course, running and working out brings us many moments of glorious bliss, too. Let’s call it that amazing moment when:

1. You realize you have more workout clothes than you have regular clothes.

2. You realize your workout clothes are way more expensive – and cute – than your regular clothes. #KeepItClassy

3. It occurs to you that, having given up cable TV, you can register for at least one race a month and still come out ahead. #SmartMoney

4. Digging through some old boxes in your garage, you find a January 2007 edition of Runner’s World. #SCORE!

5. You read through the above magazine’s “26 things that every runner should do” list and realize you’ve already done quite a few of them. But there are many more yet to be done.

And to think: there will always be something awesome on your to-do list to look forward to!

Your turn: What are your “awkward” running (or otherwise working out) moments? Your amazing ones?

Today’s workouts:Speed drills left me breathless — and pretty much without the use of my arms and upper back for the next few days. But you don’t need your arms much for running, so:Stuff like 3.97, by the way, happens when you’re just starting to use a new run-tracking app and have it set up to give you voice prompts for time instead of miles. (That annoying moment when…) Remind me to post a review of iSmoothRun soon, I’m loving it so far!

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