Monday Motivation a.k.a. My Perspiration

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Much as I wish I invented the “Motivation Through Perspiration” tagline, it belongs to athletic apparel company ViewSport.

ViewSport makes workout clothes that reveal hidden messages when they get all sweaty. Sweat-activated technology for workout clothes, how cool is that? (I hope their next big project is sweat-activated clothes that release pleasant smells to cover up your stank. Wouldn’t that come in handy at the gym?)

Now, I’ve been known to share one too many details on my sweat: quantity (vast), quality (salty)… Sometimes I even weigh my sweaty clothes after a workout, so I can give you the most precise information available.

But hey, it’s my sweat. I worked hard to make every single drop of it. (And after you read all about it, you should go make your own!)

So when ViewSport sent me one of their shirts to sweat in and review on this blog, I was quite excited to try it show everyone my muscles while pretend-punching the air:Just kidding. The shirt is super comfy. It’s made of cotton – not dri-fit material, but very, very soft and shape-hugging:I took it out on a quick three-mile run.

I had no idea what the writing on the back said, so when I came back, I made HusbandRuns take a gazillion pictures of my back, pronto. And sure enough, inspiration through perspiration revealed itself:Here’s one more, because I know you want a closer look at my muscles the words:It says Go Hard, which was a little bit ironic in this case, because that was my very last run before the LA Marathon and I was supposed to take it easy. Good to know that even on easy runs, I perspire enough to inspire!

Joking aside, this is a pretty cool gift for runners – especially if you keep the little magic-sweat-words trick from them a secret, then snap a few pics of their behinds and: Surprise!

Bonus: some of their shirts and tanks are now on sale for 40% off, with code EASTER40.

Disclaimer: ViewSport sent me a free shirt to review and keep. All opinions and sweat are mine, and you can keep my opinion — but not the sweat.

Today’s workout:Killer swim drills this morning, I’m just happy I don’t have to run today. My legs are so not used to working hard in the water!
Total: 2000 yards
-300 warm-up (alternate 50 freestyle/50 backstroke/50 kick; repeat)
-10×50 (odd: freestyle, even: drills-> side kick with board, catch-up, skulling)
-400 yds free swim
-10×50 kick with a board (odd:easy, even: hard)
-300 freestyle

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