Green Goblin Ginger Juice and a Weird Shopping List

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Happy Easter! Holiday runs are my favorite. This past Christmas, I went out for 10 easy miles in the morning; it was rainy and cloudy and, in general, not very pleasant and Christmasy outside. But any time I passed another runner, we’d make eye contact and nod: How badass are we right now, eh?

Easter is even better because the weather is much nicer and, if you’re of the Easter brunch fandom, you can have your bread and Benedicts afterwords pretty much guilt-free.

Or, in my case, your Green Goblin juice:I put too much random stuff to remember it all, but it had spinach, kiwis, pear, celery, lemons and a 1-inch piece of ginger. This is the quantity of ginger most juicing recipes require and it’s way too much. Yuck. The Green Goblin Ginger juice tasted nothing like green and everything like ginger.But a weblink that talked about the benefits of ginger made it better.

Hey, remember when I promised to share the shopping list for the three-day juice cleanse? Makes me want to live in Paris so I can go shop at a corner fruit/ vegetable stand and say, “189 carottes, s’il vous plaît.”

But we live in America, and here you buy all your bulk stuff at Costco. Unless it’s Easter, when Costco is closed, TJ’s closes at 5 p.m. — but Whole Foods is open late. So we got enough for one day and will have to go shopping again on Monday night. Going to Costco when all you’ve had is juice can’t be fun, but hey: remortgaging the house so you can afford a Whole Foods shopping spree ain’t no fun either.

Today’s run:The million-dollar question was, how long would I be able to run – and how would I feel – considering all week long I’ve eaten no meat and, besides the random noodle in my mom’s vegetable soups, no starchy carbs?

Let me save you the big bucks: it felt perfectly normal, if not better than normal. Kind of… light. I ran two miles to a nearby trail, where I met up with my tri-buddies, and we went for another six at a slightly slower pace, then I ran back home. It was a perfect, sunny day and a great run — the last long one before the San Francisco Rock’n Roll half marathon next Sunday!

Your turn: Where you do buy your fruits/ veggies? Are you a Whole Foods or TJ’s kind of gal/ guy?

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