The Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco Expo: Shoes and Serendipity

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The Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco Expo… where do I start. In many ways, it was just like any other big race expo. And so similar to the RnR San Jose one, the feeling was positively deja vu-ish.

RnR SF expo: RnR SJ expo:But don’t get me wrong, you could tell you’re in San Francisco right away:I was quite the early bird, heading there during my lunch break on Friday — hands down the best way to rock a large expo like this one. Small crowd, relatively speaking, and no lines at the booths (even those that had raffles, shock!)But I wasted no time with raffles, PowerBar samples or even free swag, as I was on a mission: find the Newton Running booth, pronto, and purchase new shoes. Done and (with a self-negotiated 20% discount + free socks my old friend Newton Guy threw in)… done!I’m so excited to break them in next week!

But wait… something even more exciting happened at the expo! First, I ran into Melanie from my MMRT San Jose group. Melanie is a mom to a four-legged furry baby and super-brave cancer survivor who is running a race every weekend this month — while undergoing radiation therapy. Amazing!

Then Melanie and I met another amazing woman and I kept thinking that the floor will give in at any moment under the weight of undiluted awesomeness:That’s right! Sarah Bowen Shea, a.k.a. SBS: co-author of Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother, the books that gave me a half-marathon PR and lots of laughs along the way!

And yes, that is a pink Badass Mother Runner sweaty band, it matches my pink running dress perfectly, no point trying to resist.

Chatting with SBS for a bit was the best part of my day [heck, my week: I spent the larger part of it surviving on juice, remember?] — and yes, she and Dimity are working on a third book, to be announced soon!

And with that, I headed back to real life — but not for long. This Sunday, I’ll run over the Golden Gate Bridge and back, and if all goes well, will wear this amazing finisher shirt just two hours later:[Seriously, you can’t really tell because I take such amazing photos and all, but this is a super stylish t-shirt. Definitely a win with this one, Competitor Group!]

Can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “The Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco Expo: Shoes and Serendipity

  • April 6, 2013 at 6:34 am

    Hey, good luck tomorrow! Really excited for you. My ‘Bad*ss mother runner’ top came yesterday – it’s fabulous!!!!

    • April 6, 2013 at 6:48 am

      Thank you! All their tops are super cute and I was so tempted to get one, but I’ve imposed a t-shirt embargo because my running shirt drawer’s overflowing, all with nearly new stuff! Also… my kid has started to read! (Will have to really watch the writing on my clothing from now on, unless I want to be having uncomfortable conversations – or notes from his teacher about bad words!)

        • April 6, 2013 at 9:05 pm

          Oops…yeah we wondered how long we could wear them for, until our kids start reading!

  • April 6, 2013 at 3:13 am

    First off I hope your race is amazing tomorrow. Second I am a race “walker junkie”, my knee doesn’t like running but I can get down to a 13:10 min mile walking, finally my question are those Run Mother books good for walkers too? And what the heck is PR? Sorry to sound lame…

    • April 6, 2013 at 6:32 am

      Hey Kristin! You do not sound lame!! A PR is a “personal record” – some call it “PB” or “personal best” (though every time I say PB the next word that comes to mind is “jelly” so I prefer PR :)) I love the Run Mother books and think they’re great for everyone! The Run Like a Mother is great for those who are starting out or don’t have much time for running (or think they don’t), or new moms who used to run before – but let’s face it, everything is different post-baby. Train Like a Mother has training plans for 5K, 10K, half and marathon, two each, Finish it and Own It. The Finish it plans are lighter load, the Own it are serious business (with speedwork, etc). But most importantly, TLAM focuses on making time for training, races, logistics, etc. I highly recommend those books – they are VERY well written, super funny, and fun to read. And the community is fantastic!


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