A Case of the Music Mondays

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New music can be just the refreshing kick in the butt you need to get you moving faster. At RnR SF, I accidentally hit the “Radio” button on Spotify, and it started playing a station based on the playlist I had selected. It was great! Not only was the music just the style I like for running, it was different to keep me on my toes (fore-foot striking, score!) and running at a quick pace for quite a few miles [until I got tired of it and switched back to my beloved songs].

So here’s what’s new on my favorite running playlists:

1. I heard it in a commercial and thought of running immediately:

2. Remixed:

3. Came up on Pandora:

4. Made me bust a move at the Finish line at the Coyote Hills half:

5. Girl, don’t you know it!

6. Don’t look at me — everyone’s doing it!

7. Another Pandora find:

8. More Pandora, Girly style:

9. Dramatic Pandora!

10. Drama, remixed:

What’s on your favorite running lists these days?

Today’s workout:
Speaking of music: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked has been playing in my head all day long today. My legs are sore and I’d rather be napping, but I had to hit the pool for – of all things! – disaster preparedness drills. It really isn’t as exciting as it sounds, though. One drill, in particular, entailed turning on my back to stretch my legs, as if they were cramping. Not very far from the truth!

And since this is a music post… don’t do what he says, rest up!

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