A Mother Runner’s Outfit for a Mother Runner’s Day Race

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What does a mother runner wear when the mother runner runs a mother runner’s day race?

[Now repeat that quickly three times. Ha!]

I’m running the Sirena18 tomorrow, an 18-mile race that’s part of the Mermaid series. I have to wake up at 5 a.m., not easy after a busy week, but hey: it’ll be jolly good fun! And, I get to wear one of my favorite outfits, which happens to be particularly appropriate for a pre-Mother Runner’s Day race.

Take a peek:Here’s what you see:

1. Sexy Back Dress by SkirtSports. SkirtSports is founded and run by Nicole DeBoom: professional triathlete, Ironman champion, and most importantly, mom to an adorable little girl.

2. Moving Comfort sports bra; with extra-thick padding. Mother runners need that.

3. Tri-shorts by SkirtSports; lined with silicone so they don’t ride up – and the thighs don’t chafe. Also, the light padding at the bottom may have been meant to protect your lady parts while you’re biking, but it also helps on the run. Mother runners know what I mean.

4. Badass Mother Runner sweaty band from Another Mother Runner. ’nuff said!

5. ProCompression socks in pink argyle. Because knee long socks mean you don’t have to wax your legs all that often! Oh, and also there’s that quicker-recovery thing.

And, of course:

Do you lay out your race outfits the night before? How far in advance do you plan what you’ll wear?

Today’s run:Nice and easy, saving the legs for tomorrow!

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