Exercising the Credit Card

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Hello hello! How’s your weekend going? For some reason I keep thinking it’s Sunday today, and on Friday morning I thought it was Saturday.

In fact, I woke up thinking it was Saturday and mumbled to the husband “I need to get to the gym!” and he told me what day it was. I was actually relieved that I get to “sleep in” before I get to work.

First world Runner problems…

Anyway. I did my early a.m. gym duty today, and since then I’ve been exercising the credit cards… Ever have one of those days?First, I dropped some cash at the chiropractor because my back has been hurting – spasming, really – since Thursday night. That’s what happens when you overdo it in the swimming pool? The chiro cracked my vertebrae and it got much better, which obviously meant I could walk comfortably and carry my bag and wallet into a store lots of stores.

We went to Performance Bycicle, so I can get one of those storage pouches for my bike: an essential purchase, really, so I can finally start trying to eat while biking. But somehow, we ended up leaving with that, a USB-chargable front headlight, a new kiddie bike bell (at least the ring isn’t annoying!) and a new kid helmet that costs 2x as mine? Then we went to Whole Foods and I’ll just assume you know what happens there.

Except when you’re with a kid, you also find yourself with a new glass water bottle. Oh well, those always come into good use.

And then, back home, the real workout began! (This is very exciting!) As DC Rainmaker recently alerted the Internets, Garmin is running a huge sale on some of its Forerunner models, including the 910XT, which I’ve been ogling for a very, very, very long time. This is the Rolex of GPS watches, especially if you bike and swim, as well. I’ve been writing to Santa about it for years, but he hasn’t been getting my letters?

Very well, Santa, if you won’t bring it to me, I’ll order it myself. I got it off the site linked to at DC Rainmaker, but it was the exact same price on Amazon, too. Except you may have to pay sales tax there, depending on where you live. At $337 (25% off!), the price is right, especially if you have an old Garmin Forerunner to trade in and get another $50 back. I can’t wait to get mine and get swim/ bike/ running without having to deal with stuff like this: Tomorrow, I’m leaving the credit cards at home and heading out to volunteer at the Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon. It’ll be a 5 a.m. wake-up call so I can bike there: about 25 miles from where we live, then back after the event. Should be interesting!

How’s your weekend going? Did anyone run/ race already?

2 thoughts on “Exercising the Credit Card

  • May 18, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    Arrrrggghh, I want the 610! Alas, it seems like it’s not one of the ones on sale right now…..

    • May 18, 2013 at 10:09 pm

      Hmm, what exactly are the benefits of a 610? I’ve always wondered (never read up in much detail on it, though) — other than the touch screen?


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