Yummy Coconut Water

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A few weeks ago, an unmarked package of unknown origin showed up at our doorstep.

Seeing how I never, ever shop online, at all, I figured it’s just something I bought and forgot about. (It’s a great strategy, really, because you buy yourself stuff — and then surprise yourself with it. Highly recommended!)

But inside was this:My first thought was, “It is true, I have started shopping in my sleep.

My second thought was, “I have no idea where it came from, but I’ve tried this coconut water, and it’s yummilicious, I’m having it.” And so I opened a can and downed it right away. Yum!

Now, I love drinking coconut water after a long run or ride: it’s the perfect drink, all natural and rich in potassium and other micronutrients our bodies need after a big sweat. But we usually buy the 12-packs of Vita Coco from Costco, so I can stash an entire case in the trunk of the car for my post-run/ race needs.

The Zola brand definitely tastes sweeter than any other brand I’ve tried – I like sweet! – so now I have to think twice about the choice of coconut water on my next shopping trip. (Heck, though, I’d stock up on actual coconuts if there was an easy way to puncture them and drink the juice right out – so delicious!)

While I was contemplating all this with my sweet drink, certain people laid claim on the glasses. It’s all good, though, I’m not cool enough to pull them off, anyway.So why am I blabbing on about this? Because today I finally figured out who sent me the package! Many thanks to Zola (doh!) and Fit Approach, the company behind the Sweat Pink community, of which I’m a proud member. Mystery solved!

Do you like coconut water? What’s your favorite post-exercise drink?

Today’s workout:Nothing interesting, except that I finally bought fins to use for drills. Drills slow you down considerably, so the fins definitely help me get through them faster. Also, I like pretending I don’t have them on and can really swim a 50-yard lap (two lengths of the pool) in 30 seconds. Then I remind myself that real swimmers do that time without the help of fins – and I’ve got a long, long way to go yet, I mean swim.

Tomorrow is National Running Day! How will you celebrate?

One thought on “Yummy Coconut Water

  • June 5, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    I love Coconut Water. Hubby and I usually buy it in bulk/boxes. It’s a great after-workout drink!


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