Tri Adventures in Photos

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They say photos are the receipts for our experiences — which is why I take dozens of them at each race. They’re digital keepsakes, viewed often and appreciated more than the actual keepsakes (medals, shirts, the like).

But triathlon is different: other than the few transition pics before the start and after the finish, there is no way to document the experience. That is, unless you’re lucky to have a friend or family member who’s willing to play photographer on race day, in addition to cheerleader. And, if you’re particularly lucky, is pretty good at the photography part.

I could myself among the particularly lucky, because one of the coaches at our tri-training club, in addition to kicking our butts in the pool, spin class and TRX, happens to take pretty kick-butt triathlon photos. Especially candid ones; the best kind! So with his permission – Vinnie Fernandez, who will unfortunately be leaving the Bay Area at the end of the month and taking his talents to LA – here is a glimpse at our triathlon adventures so far this year:

Early morning on April 20, 2013. Our little group’s first triathlon. Getting ready. It was freezing cold; I briefly considered leaving my jacket on under the wetsuit.
But clearly, it was near impossible to squeeze into that thing without it, not to mention zip it up. Good thing I had help. And clearly found it – something? – very, very funny.
My favorite photo of all time. Our coach Marni decided to leave the wetsuit in transition and brave the 64-degree water in skin and strappy swimsuit. Freedom!
Can you tell I’m enjoying my day so far?
Alright dudes, let’s do this. Does this wetsuit make my butt look big? I mean tight? I mean all squished up like a sausage? Don’t answer that.
Not sure what’s happening here?
We’re going in! The lake bottom feels mushy, sticky and sorta gross. Ew.
Deep water start. Some warm up swimming nearer the start, others just hang out – I mean float around – and relax. Peaceful.
Out of the water. “I solemnly swear to never again wear a wetsuit, if it can be avoided.” [Too bad it’s a vow I’ll have to break, come California 70.3 next March!]
T1. See the dude in the background? He dances while sending the athletes on their way to the bike/ run. Groovy!
Here, I must share a photo of my club-mate Joni, who did a modified sprint tri a few weeks later (0.75m swim – 15m bike – 5m run). She actually sat down on her butt in T1 to put on her clothes. Her time in T1 was five minutes and she now knows better.
She was sitting down for so long, that I actually brought her water. (I volunteered at that race.) Valet service for your team mates!
Back to SVST: reeling it in on the bike. Fun!
And run; that is, sprint to the finish line of our first Sprint. I’m almost sad that it was all over so quickly!
I don’t know. Happy dance?
And finally, victorious once more, this time after our second sprint tri six weeks later. Here’s to many more! [And I promise I won’t forget the team shirt in those.]
A million thanks to Vinnie (far right in the photo above) for the memories — and the high-definition receipts. If you ever need an awesome photographer to document your next race, I’m sure he could be persuaded.

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  • July 15, 2013 at 8:11 am

    Great GREAT photos! At last, race photos that a girl can be proud of!!


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