Ready to Color Me Rad?

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Running has given me a lot through the years: breathtaking views, fun with friends, good ol’ sweat, a solid supply of endorphins.

The Color Me Rad run will give you all (or most!) of those things — plus colorful boogers. It’s fun!

I hope the good folks at Absolut will overlook this blatant trademark violation in exchange for knowing that yes, jumping up and down with joy post-run is Absolutely and positively Me (Aleks). And if that’s not enough… I’m a poor writer/ editor/ blogger; there’s not much you can sue me for, I promise.
I speak from experience. I was snorting purple stuff out my nose for hours after I did a Color Run last year. (But not to worry: it’s all made of cornstarch, non-toxic and fully digestible. Yum. Or snortable.)

So why am I telling you this? Because I have a 20% discount code for ANY Color Me Rad event — but only valid through AUGUST 1, so hurry and type in RADFUN as you register!

So what is the Color Me Rad? It’s a fun 5K run (or walk) — the operative word being “fun,” this is not a timed event! — where rather than handing you water, volunteers throw blue, green, purple, pink and yellow “color bombs” at you. To keep things interesting, you will be attacked – laughingly and lovingly – with a different color at each kilometer. Head over to the Color Me Rad Instagram account for photos and I suspect you’ll want to sign up right away!

This is a fun event for people of all age and fitness levels: runners, walkers, joggers, woggers; young and old; big and small! After all:Kids up to seven years old can attend for free, so KidRuns will be joining the party (and I need to look into whether he’d be allowed to take his scooter).

Disclaimer: I will be running as Color Me Rad Ambassador; as such, the organizers have given me a free bib for the race. Hope to see you there!

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