Happy Birthday!

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So how’s this for a fun surprise today? Turns out, it’s this little blog’s 1st Birthday! Or blogaversary. Or blogoversary.

Happy Birth-da-blogo-bloga-versary, Blog!

I had no idea, so imagine my surprise when HusbandRuns served it while I was (yes) blogging this evening. How thoughtful, right? Well yeah, but he was the one who got the domain name renewal notification email, so no fair.

I kid! Of course, I loved the cake and couldn’t wait to dig in — especially after I was assured that it is 100% vegan (not even the chocolate has dairy).

Geez, I thought, when did he have time today to bake a cake, let alone vegan? But I was handed the knife and cut in, experiencing a weird sensation of slicing through something dense and crunchy. What was it? Vanilla wafers? Nope, not wafers:

Just good ol’ watermelon! Ha!

It’s delicious!

And in case you’re wondering just how huge of a cake that is, it really is tiny. Here it is, trying to eat my Garmin watch:And because I know someone will want to know how to make a Watermelon Cake (isn’t that genius?!), here’s how:

Watermelon Cake

Step 1: Melt 1 chocolate bar of your choice on the stovetop
Step 2: Cut out a circular piece of watermelon
Step 3: Cover watermelon with chocolate
Step 4: Cut and eat.

Simple as that!
What’s your favorite type of cake? Other than watermelon cake, that is?

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