The Merry Christmas Sports Medley

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Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a fun day with family and friends, and of course, lots of gifts. I must have been very nice this year, because Santa brought me just what I wanted: a bike rack!

But I’m not here to talk about silly worldly possessions. Let’s review the real fun part about the holidays: the wide variety of ways in which one can get one’s endorphin fix!

Like “skiing”:Or rather “learning” to do the pizza slice and take sharp turns when screaming first-timer fellows head in your direction:Then, of course, there’s Christmas day skating:KidRuns tried it for the first time ever:We may have to start calling him KidSkates from now on…

And, of course, running:Just so you know, elevation is a b&*()*, especially if the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination is change into your running shoes. Totally out of breath after that one:The second run was a bit better: And the third, last and Christmas one was as close to normal, I guess, as it gets for me at 7,000 feet above sea level:Swimming’s no easier, FYI, we tried that, too, one frosty early morning.So grateful that the pool was indoors!

Having done these various fun activities in the past few days, I’ve come to the following important conclusions:

1. Ski boots are the most uncomfortable things on the planet and even more awkward to walk in than biking shoes.

2. Skating shoes are marginally more comfortable than ski boots, but definitely not as comfortable as biking shoes.

3. Running shoes are incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in.

4. If ever there was a sports shoe contest, running shoes would win, no doubt.

So would, for that matter, running!

And that is all for the holiday edition of Happy Running! May your days be filled with joy and love, and your circulatory system: with a constant supply of endorphins!

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