10 Weeks to Vineman 70.3!

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I’m back! This may sound weird — or, if you’re into triathlon, familiar? — but a month’s worth of marathon training felt like vacation. I only have to train once a day? Swim once a week? No biking? Whee!

But now that the Big Sur Marathon is behind us – ah, happy memories! – I’ve reset the clock. It’s Vineman 70.3 training time!

10 weeks is all I got to whip my butt in shape. Oh, hello there, bike! My butt nearly forgot what you felt like. And two-a-days: can’t say I missed ya, but I’ll be seeing lots of you soon, I’m sure!

Last week was all about easing into multi-sport training while recovering from the marathon — good thing I didn’t run very hard, I guess? Here’s how it went:

Monday: Rest. Post-marathon day recovery!

Tuesday: Back at the track at 6 pm! But while everyone did kick-butt intervals (something like a gazillion reps of 3 minutes hard effort — 1 min recovery?), coach told me to do three intervals of 10 minutes steady — 1 min walk. OK then! Quads were a bit sore from Sunday, but once I got going, everything loosened up nicely and I kept 8:30-8:40 minute miles for all 10-minute steady intervals. Booyah!

The best way to recover from a marathon: get out there and walk or run, as soon as you can!

Wednesday: 6 a.m. swim. Ah, is nice to get back in the water with a purpose!

Thursday: 1.5 hrs on the bike for lunch. A little over 25 miles later, my butt decided that after an entire month of not touching the saddle, it would feel sore now. Ouch.

Friday: Short and easy 30-min runch; 9 min/mile pace. Not feeling 100% awesome – like I was getting a head cold or a super brutal bout of allergies.

Four repeats up and down Bernal Hill, look it up it’s legit! A little over 30 miles, but with all the climbing took 2.5 hours of riding altogether.

Sunday: A little over an hour of swimming. Add to that all the cool-air wheezing up the hill the day before and by end of the day I had all but lost my voice.

Today: Unable to speak. Husband rejoices in the quietness of the house. Easy 30-minute run round the block; 3.3 miles.

That is all! How’s everyone’s training and race calendar progressing?

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