The Post-Workout Snack: What and when you eat can have a huge impact on recovery and future performance

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I don’t fancy myself a food blogger — much less a foodie — so naturally I don’t write about food often. I mean, what’s to write about: I swim, bike, or run. I eat. Training is a big part of my life, and so is food. Anyone who’s experienced “runger” in the peak mileage weeks of a marathon training cycle knows what I mean. (Not to mention “ranger,” which occurs if you don’t address runger, STAT.)

All jokes aside, though: what you eat and when has such a big impact on how well you recover from training. It’s a simple rule:

  • Within 30 minutes after workout that lasts for an hour or more (and is of higher intensity), you must eat something with carbs and a bit of protein.

Joe Friel gives a succinct, simple explanation of what to eat and why on his blog, and focuses more on recovery here.

Problem is, this is easier said than done: how many times have you you found yourself stuck in traffic on your way home from a long run or rushing to get work done, that snack forgotten until you realize you’re about to pass out or kill a coworker in a pang of ranger? Or you had the very best intention of grabbing a banana on your way out, but forgot?

Which brings me to my next point: the post-workout snack stash. One of my training buddies is excellent at this: she always has a bag full of healthy snacks in her car. I’m talking apples, home-made trail mix, freshly baked almond-flour protein cookies… seriously gourmet stuff. My friend is smart. We should all be like her.

But for those of us who forget to whip up a fresh batch of homemade granola before a run, here’s an alternative: stash a protein bar or two in your car. Eat when needed; replenish supplies. Voila!

Along those lines, my latest discovery comes via Fit Approach (a.k.a. #sweatpink) and Manitoba Harvest, the company that makes Hemp Hearts, a vegan raw hemp seed I’ve been adding to my oatmeal for that extra protein and omega-3 boost. Great product, but not so practical to eat on the go, right? Except now, we have the perfect on-the-go solution, a Hemp Heart Bar.

Hemp Heart Bar

I tried tree flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and apple-cinnamon – and they were all delicious, especially with the nutty “kick” from the hemp seed. (By the way, for those of you who’ve never tried hemp seed: no, you don’t smoke those. Hemp seeds are just like chia seeds or flaxseed, you add them to cereal, oatmeal or smoothies.)

Hemp Heart Bar Nutrition

So if you’re looking to try a new, organic and plant-based protein post-workout snack, grab a Hemp Heart Bar. Use discount code hhbarlaunch1015 for 15% off if you order from

And not least, check out the company’s photo contest for a chance to win a box of your favorite flavor (I recommend chocolate).

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This is a sponsored product review opportunity from Manitoba Harvest and Fit Approach. Opinions are my own.

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