Biking in a Skirt

Biking in a Skirt
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It’s happening. Snowy photos have filled my Facebook stream, holiday decorations have invaded the neighborhood… In other words:

Of course, here in California, this basically means 60-degree temps in the morning and, possibly, having to survive a mid-50s chill at night. No coat necessary!

One thing that is necessary, though, is cold-weather cycling gear. Running past sun-down in a long-sleeve race t-shirt, skirt and knee-high compression socks may be fine, but biking is another story. Unless you’re purposefully trying to lose a finger (or a butt cheek?), it’s time to bring out the gloves, long pants and long-sleeve cycling jackets!

Neither of which were part of my closet, so when Skirt Sports offered to send me some gear to review, the timing was quite perfect.

Now, anyone who’s read this blog at least once or twice before must know what a huge fan of Skirt Sports I am. I discovered them in 2006 and have never gone back to shorts. Why would I, when cute running outfits were suddenly available? My run gear drawers are now stuffed to the brim with their skirts, dresses, tri tops and pants, jackets, even visors.

One thing I hadn’t tried before was their cycling gear. Heck, I’d never tried proper cycling gear before, period! So once my package arrived, with Skirt Sport’s new Wilder print Cruiser Bike Knicker Skirt and Long December Top, I could hardly wait to take ’em out on the road. (Though I guess that’s not really how you ride a bike?)So let’s start with the knickers. Ha! (Anyone else find the word “knickers” funny?)

Those things are so thickly padded and comfy, though, I honestly could care less if they were called old-lady cycling diapers. Seriously: once you jump on the saddle and get going, your butt will thank you. We rode only 25 miles that day, so not really a long ride, but I felt so comfortable, I surely could’ve gone another 25. And the best part, all that cushion-ness is nicely covered by a skirt, so even if you feel awkward waddling around when you stop for a break, you at least look cute! Length-wise, the pants reach mid-calf – I paired them with compression socks to avoid skin exposure to the early-morning chill.The top is warm, full zip and has two large pockets in the back that you can use for water, nutrition or more clothing layers (a thin windbreaker, for example, which I needed before I warmed up half-way through our ride).

I accessorized with $10 cycling gloves from Costco!

The jersey is 50% off at $42 on right now, ditto for the knickers (hehe) are ($66), so head on over to their site if you’ve been looking to gear up for winter riding! The sales goes until December 2.

While you’re there, enter their awesome sweepstakes, too, for a chance at winning some amazing goodies from their partners (see picture below) and a $150 Skirt Sports gift certificate! But hurry, the promotion ends today (November 26)!

Thanks again to Skirt Sports for outfitting me: with all those long half-Ironman training rides ahead of me this winter, the gear will get lots of use!

Disclaimer: I received the gear (clothes) featured here for free from Skirt Sports. Opinions are strictly my own.

Exercising the Credit Card

Exercising the Credit Card
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Hello hello! How’s your weekend going? For some reason I keep thinking it’s Sunday today, and on Friday morning I thought it was Saturday.

In fact, I woke up thinking it was Saturday and mumbled to the husband “I need to get to the gym!” and he told me what day it was. I was actually relieved that I get to “sleep in” before I get to work.

First world Runner problems…

Anyway. I did my early a.m. gym duty today, and since then I’ve been exercising the credit cards… Ever have one of those days?First, I dropped some cash at the chiropractor because my back has been hurting – spasming, really – since Thursday night. That’s what happens when you overdo it in the swimming pool? The chiro cracked my vertebrae and it got much better, which obviously meant I could walk comfortably and carry my bag and wallet into a store lots of stores.

We went to Performance Bycicle, so I can get one of those storage pouches for my bike: an essential purchase, really, so I can finally start trying to eat while biking. But somehow, we ended up leaving with that, a USB-chargable front headlight, a new kiddie bike bell (at least the ring isn’t annoying!) and a new kid helmet that costs 2x as mine? Then we went to Whole Foods and I’ll just assume you know what happens there.

Except when you’re with a kid, you also find yourself with a new glass water bottle. Oh well, those always come into good use.

And then, back home, the real workout began! (This is very exciting!) As DC Rainmaker recently alerted the Internets, Garmin is running a huge sale on some of its Forerunner models, including the 910XT, which I’ve been ogling for a very, very, very long time. This is the Rolex of GPS watches, especially if you bike and swim, as well. I’ve been writing to Santa about it for years, but he hasn’t been getting my letters?

Very well, Santa, if you won’t bring it to me, I’ll order it myself. I got it off the site linked to at DC Rainmaker, but it was the exact same price on Amazon, too. Except you may have to pay sales tax there, depending on where you live. At $337 (25% off!), the price is right, especially if you have an old Garmin Forerunner to trade in and get another $50 back. I can’t wait to get mine and get swim/ bike/ running without having to deal with stuff like this: Tomorrow, I’m leaving the credit cards at home and heading out to volunteer at the Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon. It’ll be a 5 a.m. wake-up call so I can bike there: about 25 miles from where we live, then back after the event. Should be interesting!

How’s your weekend going? Did anyone run/ race already?

A Mother Runner’s Outfit for a Mother Runner’s Day Race

A Mother Runner’s Outfit for a Mother Runner’s Day Race
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What does a mother runner wear when the mother runner runs a mother runner’s day race?

[Now repeat that quickly three times. Ha!]

I’m running the Sirena18 tomorrow, an 18-mile race that’s part of the Mermaid series. I have to wake up at 5 a.m., not easy after a busy week, but hey: it’ll be jolly good fun! And, I get to wear one of my favorite outfits, which happens to be particularly appropriate for a pre-Mother Runner’s Day race.

Take a peek:Here’s what you see:

1. Sexy Back Dress by SkirtSports. SkirtSports is founded and run by Nicole DeBoom: professional triathlete, Ironman champion, and most importantly, mom to an adorable little girl.

2. Moving Comfort sports bra; with extra-thick padding. Mother runners need that.

3. Tri-shorts by SkirtSports; lined with silicone so they don’t ride up – and the thighs don’t chafe. Also, the light padding at the bottom may have been meant to protect your lady parts while you’re biking, but it also helps on the run. Mother runners know what I mean.

4. Badass Mother Runner sweaty band from Another Mother Runner. ’nuff said!

5. ProCompression socks in pink argyle. Because knee long socks mean you don’t have to wax your legs all that often! Oh, and also there’s that quicker-recovery thing.

And, of course:

Do you lay out your race outfits the night before? How far in advance do you plan what you’ll wear?

Today’s run:Nice and easy, saving the legs for tomorrow!