Day of the Footsies

Day of the Footsies
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To state the disturbingly obvious, this is a picture of my left foot.

Oh, you think that’s gross? Girlfriend, you ain’t seen gross.

I’m sorry, were you eating lunch just now? Next time, don’t read a runner’s blog while eating, OK?

I mean, those are runners’ feet. Granted, mine: after running a few half marathons, a 15-miler, a 14-miler, no biggie. The “Mr. Pinky decided to move out” photo belongs to this guy, who runs marathons or half marathons what seems like every weekend. That is, when he’s not running a 100-miler or four marathons in three days, things of such sort. Endorphin Dude is awesome. Go ahead and like him on Facebook, you won’t regret it. (Just don’t look while eating.)

But as usual, I digress. The point is, today was the day of the footsies. To begin with, I wore my new Tiffany shoes (yes, yes, I know they are Nike, but I’ve gone ahead and named them Tiffany, kay?). We walked around an amusement park all day. Super fun for kids. For adults – you better be wearing comfy shoes. And hey, lucky me, that’s exactly what I was wearing!

Then life improved even further because I went and finally got myself a pedicure. It had been weeks and weeks… and miles, and miles and miles. It was a glorious pedicure, with a hot stone foot massage. Just what the footsies needed. They are so happy right now.

But wait, I digress again. I promise, I really do have lots of insightful thoughts and advice to share about feet. Read more