Running With Cramps

Running With Cramps
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On the off chance that guys are reading this and thinking “ew, TMI,” let’s set the record straight:

That time of the month is a completely natural thing that happens once a month and lasts for several days. If you live with a significant other, you are probably aware of the immediate side effects, which include crankiness, snappiness, bitchiness, an increase in chocolate consumption and usage of “cramps” as an excuse for not washing the dishes, as well as spending the evening on the sofa watching seasons one through three of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix, for the 17th time.

What most men don’t seem to realize is that “that time of the month” can be used as an excuse for either or all of the above at any time of month. Hello, there’s a reason it’s called a monthly cycle. It has no beginning, no end, period. (Ah, that was not intentional, hah!)

That said, there is one thing for which cramps cannot, should not, be used as an excuse: running. Read more