Finding BRFs

Finding BRFs
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I suck at group runs. Seriously. Count on me to join a running group and end up running by myself.

More specifically, count on me to get up at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday so I can make it in time to a trail six miles away from my house, meet a nice, friendly group of runners (ah, the wonders of the Internets) — and then end up running by myself.

Lest you think I am complaining, it was a great run. And getting up early wasn’t so bad. While having my first cup of coffee, I found a really cool blog about coffee. How meta:

Then I was on my way, and after getting only slightly lost, I found the group I was looking for – just in time for brief introductions – and off we went. Of course, the minute we got started and people broke into groups of three of four, I decided to attach myself to the fast guys. In my defense, I didn’t exactly know how fast they were: they took off at about a 9-minute mile… except it turned out they were just warming up. And the fact that they did run in the front should’ve run a bell. I am so smart.

By mile 1.5 the fasties had shaken me off, I was at least a minute ahead of the actual 9-minute milers and because they were going to do 10-12 miles and I was doing only eight, I figured there’s no point in waiting up. Will do better at the whole group/ socializing thing next time, promise!

The trail was beautiful: Read more