Marsh Madness Half Marathon Recap

Marsh Madness Half Marathon Recap
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My legs are toast. And I just ran the slowest half marathon in the history of my half marathons.

Didn’t even run all the way. I walked, I stopped, I chatted up the volunteers (most of them were super-friendly teenagers, way to go YMCA!).

I briefly considered sitting down on a bench mid-way through, but then I spotted a bathroom, so I just sat on a toilet for a while.

No, not for that. I just sat and wiped away sweat, is all. And snot. BabyRunner’s sniffles may have finally gotten to me.

Crossed the finish line at 2 hours 26 minutes something – seriously, slowest half ever.

Can’t say that I enjoyed all of it – as I walked from mile 8 to mile 9, I had to continuously tell myself that DNF is way worse than finishing (almost) last – but the course is very unusual for this road runner. It’s something like 60% rocky trail, 39% sandy trail and 1% asphalt in stretches of 10 yards or so (just to cross over from one trail to another). And those hills.

Here’s the flattest, smoothest part:

As the name of the race suggests, you run by a marsh: Read more