Marsh Madness Half Marathon: Smaller Race, Better Swag

Marsh Madness Half Marathon: Smaller Race, Better Swag
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There’s lots to love about small, local races: from lower chances of getting elbowed in the gut to better organization (more volunteers per runner) and finish-line snacks. It’s It ice cream! Peach cobbler!

Can you tell I’m excited about the Marsh Madness Half Marathon tomorrow?

I’m especially excited about the cool swag I picked up earlier today:

This is how I like it: simple, substantial!

See my race number? 777? Lucky!

And: Dove anti-perspirant deodorant. Yessss! You know, I have actually voiced out loud my dream of receiving deodorant as race swag. After the Bay to Breakers this year, they packed us finishers tightly in buses going back downtown to the starting line area. Trust me, a bus-full of people who just ran 7.5 miles, some of them having consumed alcohol earlier… not very aromatherapeutic. This deodorant: thoughtful little touch. Take note, race organizers!

Also, a pen (who doesn’t need one!?!), a peanut butter cookie, a cashew cookie and technical long-sleeve shirt. California runners really need long sleeve shirts like, never… but oh well. I’ll wear it some time and visualize this:

Winter is coming. The wind blows hard.

Not least, reusable grocery bags rule. Did you know that in San Francisco and San Jose, you don’t get plastic bags anywhere, ever, and you have to pay 10 cents for each paper bag? (Yes, even if you spend $150 on pretty little things at Victoria’s Secret, they will ask you if you’d like to purchase a paper bag for $0.10.) That’s actually pretty awesome. The world can absolutely survive on reusable grocery bags. FTW, people!

Having picked up all this fabulous goodness, we stopped by the cutest little Japanese bakery for lunch. I mean, this: Read more