Saucony, I am Cheating on You With Newton

Saucony, I am Cheating on You With Newton
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So today almost ended up being a two-a-days day, but because I am a smart, level-headed individual, I talked myself out of it.

Well, Newton guy did, anyway. A wise one, he was: convinced me that running three miles in the evening after I’ve run three at noon and am tapering for a Saturday race is not a good idea. Especially in brand new shoes that – unlike all shoes I’ve ever worn – emphasize a forefoot strike. (I am not at all sure if I said this right. As I said: Newton guy was very wise on the whole running thing.)

So who’s Newton guy? Doh, he works at Newton Running — a company that makes, as far as I understand, shoes that enhance proper running form. As in, forefoot strike (good) — heel strike (bad). For a much more credible primer on natural running, you may want to check out Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger, Healthier Running: a book by Danny Abshire, the founder of Newton Running. I know what’s next on my reading list!

Newton Running held a running clinic at my local Road Runner Sports store this evening, and guess who was the first person to show up. Actually, guess who was the only person to show up! Talk about VIP treatment!

I’ve been eyeing them Newtons for quite a while now, but mostly for the wrong reason: these things come in awesomely bright colors! Seriously, look at them. So fab.

I even tried a pair at the SJRnR expo, but they felt too tight and weird. Also, crowded, seeing how there were at least 17 other people trying shoes within a three-foot radius.

The crowds were no issue at all this time and Newton Guy and I went for a leisurely run outside: he wore one pink shoe, one green, I wore these, wishing they were pink or bright green. But color envy aside, I was surprised at how comfortable they felt! Read more

Day of the Footsies

Day of the Footsies
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To state the disturbingly obvious, this is a picture of my left foot.

Oh, you think that’s gross? Girlfriend, you ain’t seen gross.

I’m sorry, were you eating lunch just now? Next time, don’t read a runner’s blog while eating, OK?

I mean, those are runners’ feet. Granted, mine: after running a few half marathons, a 15-miler, a 14-miler, no biggie. The “Mr. Pinky decided to move out” photo belongs to this guy, who runs marathons or half marathons what seems like every weekend. That is, when he’s not running a 100-miler or four marathons in three days, things of such sort. Endorphin Dude is awesome. Go ahead and like him on Facebook, you won’t regret it. (Just don’t look while eating.)

But as usual, I digress. The point is, today was the day of the footsies. To begin with, I wore my new Tiffany shoes (yes, yes, I know they are Nike, but I’ve gone ahead and named them Tiffany, kay?). We walked around an amusement park all day. Super fun for kids. For adults – you better be wearing comfy shoes. And hey, lucky me, that’s exactly what I was wearing!

Then life improved even further because I went and finally got myself a pedicure. It had been weeks and weeks… and miles, and miles and miles. It was a glorious pedicure, with a hot stone foot massage. Just what the footsies needed. They are so happy right now.

But wait, I digress again. I promise, I really do have lots of insightful thoughts and advice to share about feet. Read more