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Hey hey hey! Today is a good day, because I know I’ll make at least one person happy: the winner of the free Race to the Row entry giveaway!

And I promise I’ll get to that, just as soon as I reminisce about my long-lost youth a little.

Seriously, please tell me I’m not the only one grooving out to Destiny’s Child all day today? That Super Bowl performance took me back to… wait… I was going to say college, but no. I had actually graduated by the time Survivor came out. So old, I am… (Which you knew as soon as I said “grooving out,” didn’t you?)

Anyhow. The winner of a FREE 408K Race to the Row entry was chosen with the help of an online random number generator, once I had entered all names from the comments on the original blog post and Twitter in a spreadsheet (good thing there weren’t thousands of entries, yeah?)

And the winner is, drumroll… Pia Candelaria! Here’s how Pia answered my question about favorite race distance:

Why, yes, the Color Run was one of my favorite run events too! It did feel like a celebration and I completely agree: that’s how all races should feel!

Take note, race directors: we love us some big parties at the finish line, we really do!

Pia, send me an email please (check out my “Contact Me” page for the deets) and I will send you a coupon code that should allow you to register for the 408K Race to the Row for free. Congrats!

Today’s run workout:
I was supposed to run an easy four or five miles today, but my lower back has been really out of whack [what is UP with me and rhyming today?], so I did this instead:
FYI, this happens when you swim 100 laps in a 25-yard pool. I hardly felt them, which goes to show how much my body needed a break from all this running. Cross training FTW, baby! (Also, I love that it’s February, and I can swim in an outdoor pool!)

Yesterday:This is possibly the reason for my wacky back today (along with my old age, of course). I’m icing and using our live-in massage therapist a whole lot, but those compressed vertebrae (or some thing or other) are persistently painful. It gets better after I warm up around miles four to five, but the last two of that 17-miler were agony.

On the flip side, with 17 miles in, I ate about 17,000 calories worth of spinach dip at a Super Bowl party yesterday and didn’t feel guilty in the least. Mmmm, mayo and sour cream: so bad for you, but so good!

Moral of the story: listen to your body. If your body tells you I’m in too much pain to run 5 miles, take it to the swimming pool. If it tells you more spinach dip, please, feed it spinach dip.

Your turn: what was your favorite part of the Super Bowl? Your favorite Super Bowl food?

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