Gone Sporty and Sweating Pink for Prizes and Fun

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Greetings! It’s been an exciting day and I’ve got a fun new game to share with you all!

Now, seeing how we’re well into February, you have surely had your eyeful of hearts: pink, red and all in between. But trust me, after you read this you’ll want to add one more – or three! – to the mix.

Doing your best to ignore the posh (YMCA locker room) surroundings, bring your attention to the cute hot pink top I am wearing.

This is my new GirlsGoneSporty “Share With Heart” tank. Besides being super soft and comfy and cute, it is essentially my entry ticket to the Share With Heart game: a fun way to work out with friends, share the heart/ love/ health and win cool prizes, including cash.

How does it work? Two simple steps:

1. Sign up. To do that, you can purchase one of these babies (they come in gray, too) for $25, go for an equally cute long-sleeve shirt or simply donate $10 through a link provided below. Of purchases, 25% go into a cash prize pool and 75% — to the GGS Grant Fund, which helps sporty girls in financial need achieve an athletic goal (like sign up for a race). Of the donations, 25% goes into the fund and 75% — into the pool.

2. Get active with a friend. Snap photos and post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the tag #SHARINGHEART.

Weekly winners will get cool prizes; monthly winners will get even cooler prizes — and at the end of it all one lucky lady will win the cash prize! In the end, of course, we all win. Because:

  • a) how cool is that tank top?, and
  • b) any time you get to exercise is a win for your body and health!

Anyone can participate, so be sure to check out the details and sign up!

Random guy in awkward pose at my swimming pool says Do It!

In other news, today I learned that:
Wheeeee! I feel so honored to be part of this amazing community and can’t wait to virtually (and in real life!) meet many, many new friends!

Speaking of friends, fun and good deals: if you haven’t registered yet for the 408K Race to the Row, you can save $4.08 off the $45 registration fee with the code below. ($4.08, get it?) Mind you, price goes up to $48 on February 24, so do it now.

And last (but not least), remember that Spirit of the Marathon movie I told y’all to watch if you’re looking for some running inspiration? Guess what, number 2 is coming. (Don’t tell me you still chuckle when you hear “number two”?) It will be about the Rome marathon this time, which I would very much love to run one day! In the meantime, enjoy the trailer:

Today’s workout:

The chiro better clear me to run this weekend, or I’ll have to rename this blog AleksSwims.com. And let’s face it, that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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