Is This How Christian Grey Works Out?

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Ever wonder how Christian Grey works out?

Such thoughts never cross my mind, of course. But after my workout today, I am convinced he’s all about the TRX. TRX suspension training leverages your body weight — and a strap — to perform all sorts of sadistic exercises.

I mean, look this:

(image source)

And this:

(image source)


I did a TRX workout today and I tell you, it was 50 shades of difficult. My four-year-old has more upper body strength than this ol’ flab.

And because the roughly 30 minutes of TRX were spruced up with lunges, jumping jacks, squats and the like to round up the hour, I predict tomorrow I will not only be unable to shampoo my hair, but I will also have to walk down stairs backwards.

And I haven’t even run a marathon yet.

Speaking of which, have you seen this video? Truer dramatizations were never filmed:

Seriously, though: TRX is a great cross training option, especially for those of us who tend to neglect their upper body. Should help improve swimming, too!

In other news, all of you friends in the 408 and thereabouts:

How would you like to win a free head-to-toe Athleta running outfit?

Why, just say the word! And show up for the first group run organized by the 408K Race to the Row folks, on February 20 at the Athleta Store at Valley Fair; 5:30 p.m. Here’s a cool image that has all the deets. [Feel free to RSVP at their Facebook page, too!]

I’ll be there, so be sure to say Hi!

Today’s workouts:
Ran to the gym, which turned out to be a nice round four miles from our house. It was slow going, though: even with my lower back freshly Rock-Taped by the chiropractor, I was still in pain every time I landed on that right foot.

Made it just in time for the beginning of TRX and, what do you know, we had to run a mile to warm up. Since I was already feeling quite warm, I picked up the pace a little bit (but not too much):Then all that S&M stuff I talked about earlier happened, so when we were done, I called HusbandRuns to pick me up – no way I was running another four miles in my condition! And now, I have a date with the foam roller.

What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done? Ever had to walk like those peeps in the video?

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