I Didn’t Win – But I won!

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The LA Marathon Finish line has been crossed (man, that was hard — race recap to come as soon!) and the results are in.

I didn’t win. My unofficial time is 4:25:06 – which, you will notice, is a good three minutes slower than my most conservative race goal.

But it’s all good! You live, you learn (not to start out too fast) and, of course, we’re all winners!

The End.

No wait, there’s more!

The winner of them all today was another Aleksandra, which makes me super-duper happy. (Those might be the endorphins speaking?)

Aleksandra Duliba was not only the top female finisher at the Los Angeles Marathon today (her time was 2:26:06, no biggie!) — she was the first person, period, to cross the finish line! As winner of “The Challenge,” Aleksandra gets $50,000!

[Before you look it up and point out that the male winner’s time was 2:09:44, the elite women started a little over 18 minutes before the men: the average difference in the finish times of top men and women over the past five years. I hope I remembered that correctly!]

Big day for the Aleksandras today! [Oh, and Aleksandra? How about in the spirit of St Paddy you throw some Gs over to your namesake? Yes?]

Now I need to leave you, for I am about to face the biggest challenge of them all: putting on my pants.

Then we’re off to the downtown to celebrate St. Paddy!


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Win – But I won!

  • March 18, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I was tracking your bib throughout the race–my own form of cheering. Figured me standing on the sidewalk in midtown yelling encouraging words to you might get me hauled away. 🙂 I’m SO proud of you! And, it goes without saying, that in the entire field of spectators, you had the most adorable congratulatory flower-bearer. Very important: Don’t forget to make dark chocolate a part of your recovery.


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