A Family Affair

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This has been a tough, sad week. I’ve run almost every day, but with a heavy heart and – a first for me – little desire to write about it.

Something tells me you understand.

If you read this blog often (or at all), you’ll know I like to keep the tone light and find a funny side to everything. The minute I first saw the explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line this Monday, I knew there would be no funny anything this week (and possibly longer). So, I hope you’ll forgive my somberness.

By now, I don’t think the Internet needs another sad and angry blog post about Boston, so I’m not going to share any further – other than to say what’s been on my mind most of all this week: family.

My family, who come to cheer for me at almost every race I do.
My family, who run many of those races, too.
My family, who at 4:09 at the LA Marathon were waiting for me right in the most crowded area of the finish line.

Am I the only one re-thinking the family-at-finish-area scenario for at least the next couple of races?

And then feeling guilty about it because that’s what the terrorists want, don’t they? To scare us?

On a brighter note (and speaking of family), guess who decided to turn my first tri — the Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon this Saturday!) — into a family affair?

Subject A, tried a wetsuit a couple of weeks ago, rented one last week and tested it (in a heated swimming pool, but who’s counting)?Or Subject B, tried a wetsuit today, while Subject A was picking up race bib at the Sports Basement, and decided to register on the spot?More importantly, who will finish first?

That’s not even my helmet.
I know. I don’t think so, either.Stay tuned.

Today’s run:

3 thoughts on “A Family Affair

  • April 19, 2013 at 9:59 am

    Yeah, sad, tough week. But I’m happy you’re writing…thanks so much for writing for us. 🙂 Good luck with the Tri–love that you guys are a tri duo!

    • April 20, 2013 at 4:31 am

      Ha! I wish!!! As people who know they have no way of “winning” something say, “I’m just happy to be nominated!” 🙂


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