Don’t Run to Eat — Eat to Run

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If most runners are like me, chances are they first started running — and kept at it for a while — just so they could eat their favorite foods. A half-tub of ice cream after a half marathon? Yes please! Humongous Costco muffin for breakfast? Why not; I’ll run it off later. Whipped cream on your coffee? Ode-worthy!

But the more I keep running, the more I realized that I enjoy it most not when I run to eat, but the other way around: when I eat to run.

Not that I would quit ice cream, or even muffins — but find a healthier alternative. Like soy or coconut ice cream, for example… and these:Vegetable-oat muffins, recipe appropriated from Bree Wee’s garden bread. Healthy and delicious!

OK, so objectively speaking, they look quite ugly… and I’ve been the only person in the house to eat them? But I do like them! So let’s make a deal. I’ll give you the recipe, you make a batch and let me know if you like them — you know, to make me feel better!

Oat-vegetable muffins
2 small zucchini (or 1 large)
2 carrots
2 bananas
a handful or two pumpkin seeds, raw (optional)
3 tbsp coconut oil
maple syrup (to taste)
cinnamon (to taste)

Mix zucchini, carrots and bananas in food processor. Transfer mix to a bowl and throw in the rest of the ingredients and mix together:Transfer to a muffin tray (you can fill ’em up, the mixture won’t rise). Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Let cool down and enjoy. I think they taste best the day after!

Many thanks to Bree Wee for the inspiration! (As if I needed more reasons to love her blog!)

[WHOA RunKeeper changed their web interface! What?!?]

OK, let me give you the deets on this swim workout and then I’m off to study what RunKeeper changed and why.

Warmup: 250
500 free style, lengthening stroke (and bilateral breathing)
1000 free, timed (25 minutes… FYI this is very slow)
500 free, lengthening stroke
250 warm down, anything but free style (I alternated breast stroke and back stroke)

The guy swimming in the next lane was training for a 10K. He meant a 10K in the water. Dude…

What’s the longest you ever swam?

What are your favorite healthy treat recipes?

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