(Ironman 70.3) Recovery Accelerated with the Help of Vega Sport

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Before I completed my first Ironman 70.3 event, I thought I’d be so sore after those 70.3 miles that I’d be on bed rest for weeks. Imagine my surprise when this didn’t happen. Not back in March and most definitely not now!

Here’s how my “week after Vineman 70.3” looked:

Monday, the day after the race, was an official day off from training. We spent a few quiet hours at the hotel pool before checking out and driving home.

On Tuesday – I was back at the track for speed work. My legs? Fine! All body parts, in fact, were perfectly functional. Sure, my pace was easier than what I’d normally crank out, but I still managed a few 8-minute tempo-paced miles. I also biked to and from the gym, a little under three miles each way.

On Wednesday, swimming: a “pleasant” 3100-yard set that included kicking, 10 50-yard sprints and a couple 400, 300, 200, 100 ladders. It all took me 1 hr 13 min to complete and no, it wasn’t really pleasant :-).

On Thursday, I attacked an insane hill on the bike, climbing a total of 1,850ft over a short 21-mile ride. An hour and 40 minutes in the saddle.

On Friday, I ran five very hilly trail miles. The first two miles alone are a steady 500-yard climb. Then there’s more. Then a 30-min walk to shake off the legs.

On Saturday, the regular hill reps on the bike, as if nothing happened the previous weekend. A short 20-ish minute run off the bike, too.

And Sunday, a week post Vineman 70.3, was swim day, one hour and 2500 yards in total.

Training time: 9 hrs. (My typical weekly time is 10-14 hours depending on where I am in the training cycle. Not too bad for the week after a half Ironman.)

So I’m telling you all this because:

1. I’ve wanted to talk about active recovery for a while now.

I used to take days off after a long race, but found that I really do get back into the groove faster and feel better if I keep up my regular workout routine. Just dial down the intensity a bit for a day or two. A day or two, not a week!

2. I also want to talk about fueling your recovery.

This is more important than anything! Just like you need to fuel your body right before and during a race, you have to give it the best recovery fuel possible after the race! After every workout, in fact, every single day of racing and training.

My normal recovery fuel, for example, used to be chocolate milk – until I realized I was allergic to dairy! So I started just watching what I drank and ate post workout, trying to get some carbs within thirty minutes of finishing up. I often make smoothies with frozen fruits and some greens, bananas, sunflower butter, and almond milk or coconut water. After extra-hard workouts, I throw in some vegan protein powder, too.

And when we came home from our Vineman 70.3 trip, waiting for me was a package from Vega Sport with some products to review, thanks to the Sweat Pink Ambassador program of which I’m a member. I received the box with 12 single-serve Recovery Accelerator supplement packs, which I’ve been taking once a day, daily, after training. (And after the key, or harder, workout on days when I have to work out twice.)

I received this product for free, for reviewing purposes — but under absolutely no obligation to provide positive feedback. So what you see below is my experience with Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator – in what I’d call a pretty busy/ active post-half-Ironman week 🙂

  • The taste (Tropical flavor) is great and incredibly refreshing!
  • The first time I tried it, I put it in a smoothie. That wasn’t ideal, as it’s very sweet on its own.
  • From then on, I just mixed it with water: simple and delicious!
  • Adding ice makes things even better!
  • Talk about on-the-go recovery fuel! Just grab a packet and your shaker bottle (or even a regular bottle would do, as it mixes quite easily), add water, shake and drink!
  • The ratio of carbs to protein is 4:1, which I’ve read is the ideal recovery ratio (the same as that of chocolate milk, if you can tolerate it).
  • The ingredient list seems on par with that of typical protein or one-meal shake-type nutritional supplements. Vega is known for its plant-based, natural products, which definitely gives me peace of mind.

I can’t tell you with certainty that this drink is the reason I was able to enjoy such an easy, active recovery after Vineman 70.3, but it was certainly an post-workout ritual that I enjoyed!


Disclaimer: I received the product for free, courtesy of Sweat Pink and Vega Sports. I was not compensated for reviewing the product in any other way. All opinions – as always – are my own.

3 thoughts on “(Ironman 70.3) Recovery Accelerated with the Help of Vega Sport

  • August 7, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    LOVE the Vega stuff. Created by a good Canadian boy!

  • August 6, 2014 at 6:07 am

    I have been curious about the Recovery Accelerator- I use the Pre Workout Energizer and LOVE it. Thinking I may try this at some point now that I am getting further into half marathon training!

    • August 6, 2014 at 9:13 am

      You should definitely try it after your long runs! If not this product, then at least some carbs/ protein within 30 minutes. I do feel the difference in my recovery time (how I feel the day after a long run or a super long ride, for example) when I pay more attention on taking in proper recovery fuel.


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