GIVEAWAY: Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

GIVEAWAY: Amazing Grass Protein Superfood
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Greetings! How was your Cinco de Mayo? I started mine bright and early at the track, with Margarita shots:

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I meant Margarita Shot Bloks, what did you think? And I didn’t even run on the track — I just “ran” the workout for our weekly Track Thursdays group. Lately, all the running I’ve been doing has been short and easy around the block, or longer but relaxed on the nearby trails.

I’m still very much in recovery mode from the Boston Marathon, which I’ll be honest, is taking a little longer than I expected. I know what they say about recovery from a hard race – it takes a day for every mile you ran – but given how long it took me to bounce back from past marathons (a few days to a week), I am surprised a bit at how stiff and “not there” my legs still feel.

(Part of this may have to do with the fact that I jumped back on the bike, after nearly three months off, and wasted no time cranking out a few 50-mile rides. The first of these was only on the Saturday after the marathon. But, I will say this: I missed my bike too much, triathlon season is now officially on, I have a race in a week and a half, and if riding my bike means my legs take longer to run fast again, I’ll take it!)

Back to recovery, though, because I have a giveaway that will make you want to work out hard, just so you can recover well with it. Anyone who is serious about running and racing knows that food is fuel and the foods we eat before and after a race have as much to do with performance and recovery as our training. In the past few weeks, I’ve been focusing on eating enough protein and inflammation-fighting foods (berries, avocados, salmon, dark leafy greens, to name a few).

A part of my near-daily routine has also been a new protein+greens shake by Amazing Grass:


A scoop of Amazing Grass Protein Superfood has:

  • 20 grams of plant-based protein, a blend of pea, hemp, chia and quinoa.
  • Seven alkalizing (read: anti-inflammatory) greens, including wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, and spinach. As you can see above, you absolutely cannot tell by the color of the smoothie that there are any greens in there.
  • Two servings of fruits and veggies, including beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, goji, acai, banana, and more.

And the chocolate peanut butter flavor… all I can say is, when my seven-year-old gets his hands on my shake, there’s none left for me!

I experimented a bit with mix-ins, blending it into a smoothie with banana, frozen strawberries and kale (as you can see in the picture below, the result was a green smoothie – surprise!), or mixing it into my morning oatmeal instead of my usual tablespoon of sunbutter, but in the end, a simple shake with almond milk was my favorite. (I tried with coconut milk, too, but the consistency ended up a little too thick for my taste.)


For those who are on a weight loss plan: be careful with using this as a supplement or snack. One scoop of the protein powder has 190 calories, and you will invariably add more with the mix-ins. If you throw in a banana, some more fruits, and non-dairy milk, this might very well become a 400-500 calorie snack. (Then again, that would still be less than a venti Starbucks caramel macchiato, so there you go.)

For me, the Amazing Grass Protein Superfood has been the perfect post-run or ride snack. If you’d like to try it, enter the giveaway below — or use code SWEATPINKAleks16 for 30% off any Amazing Grass product on their website (but seriously, try the Chocolate Peanut Butter….). Coupon code is valid through 5/31/2016 and can be used once per customer only.

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Disclosure: This post and giveaway were sponsored by Fit Approach and Amazing Grass. Reviews and opinions, as always, are honest and strictly my own.

GIVEAWAY: When the Going Gets Tough, Take Your Vitamins

GIVEAWAY: When the Going Gets Tough, Take Your Vitamins
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This is a giveaway post sponsored by Smarty Pants Vitamins. To enter, read on or scroll to the bottom.

Raise your hand if you’ve trained for a marathon and are familiar with the term “runger.”

Right? Runger is an affliction that typically strikes around the time you get into 18-mile-or-longer run territory. (OK, maybe 15-mile or longer… But really, who’s counting.)

The symptoms are as follows:

  • You are constantly hungry.
  • You crave bread and deep-fried everything.
  • Salad for lunch? Sure. But what’s for lunch?
  • If you’re a beer drinker, the amber liquid becomes as much a part of your recovery routine as you once imagined an ice bath would be. Except, ice baths are not awesome, let’s skip those.
  • More bread and deep-fried everything.

All that is to say that, unfortunately, marathon training doesn’t always inspire the best choices when it comes to food and drink nutrition and hydration. Ironically, this is the time when what we eat matters the most. Nutrients matter. Fresh, whole foods that are all the (natural) colors. Not just the macros – ever met a runner who was having trouble getting all their carbs in? The micros.

Take, for example, my menu for the day before a long run a couple of weeks ago. Breakfast was a banana and a bagel. Lunch was pizza. Dinner was french fries (the only meat-free item at a roadside diner just outside of LA… the place was otherwise not bad!)… and I snacked on peanut-butter cookie sandwiches. That 17 miler the next morning was not fun.

And I like to think of myself as a mindful eater! I don’t eat at McDonald’s or gobble down a bag of chips in front of the TV (every day). I do honestly do love collard greens and spinach!

But as you can see, some days, my nutrition choices leave a lot to be desired. So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve made a point of taking a multivitamin – especially on days when I know I should have had less rice, more green stuff.


Thanks to Fit Approach, I was introduced to California-based Smarty Pants Vitamins, which makes multivitamin gummies for children, women or men. For each bottle of multivitamins they sell, they make a 1-on-1 nutrient grant to those who need vitamins the most, including pregnant women, new mothers and children. They sent me a bottle of the women’s multivitamin to try and review, and are running a product giveaway, which I’ll tell you all about in a bit.

So first, here is my review: Mmmm, delicious.

That’s not all, of course, but let’s be honest: taste matters with these things. Ever tried a fish oil supplement? Ever burped after taking one? No fun. But with the Smarty Pants Vitamins, there are no such side effects — or any side effects, really. They are yummy and, the best part: a day’s serving is not one, but six gummies. This way, if you are already eating foods like breakfast cereal, fortified pasta or bread, you can only take one or two and not risk taking in too much of certain nutrients.

(You can’t really overdose on most vitamins… but there are exceptions. Taking too much of vitamins A and D, as well as zinc and iron, for example, can have serious – or at the very least, unpleasant – side effects. As with any supplement, you should be careful and know what you’re putting in your body.)


The giveaway

Starting on March 10 and ending on midnight (Pacific Time) March 17, you can enter to win a free bottle of Smarty Pants Vitamins by doing the following:

  • Follow SmartyPants on Instagram
  • Follow AleksRuns on Instagram and tag me in an Instagram post about the giveaway (this is the only way I can keep track of entries, so do it!)
  • Share the giveaway on Instagram, tagging SmartyPants and hashtags #TheGoodGummy and #SweatPink (in addition to the above)

That’s it!

Oh, and remember to eat well — or take your vitamins!

Skirt Sports Giveaway: Are You Ready for the Best Time of the Year to Run?

Skirt Sports Giveaway: Are You Ready for the Best Time of the Year to Run?
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Note: those of you who don’t have the patience to read my ramblings, scroll down to the bottom of this post and enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget. But you’re missing out on some deep — very deep — thoughts!

Skirt Sports Giveaway - Jette Skirt

Hello September!

Can you believe Summer is almost over? Can you believe I was the fifty-gazillionth person to ask that question?

As some mourn the end of Summer, the kids are back in school and I can think of one group of people who are thrilled at the prospect: parents.

Runners, I mean runners!

Runners training for all kinds of events — or those not training for anything at all — are thinking, Yessssss, finally I walk out the door for my run and can feel the early morning breeze, the soft – not scorching – touch of the sun on my shoulders, the moist dew of the grass covering my ankles as I stretch.

Well, not all of us are not that poetic.

Finally, I get to wear my cute knee-high compression socks!

The best part of September and October for me is that it’s no longer as hot as the pits — even at noon, for those of us runch-ers — but it’s still warm enough to wear cute running skirts. And pair them with knee-high compression socks, if you like.

So what better time than this first day of September to host an awesome giveaway for one of my favorite running skirts ever, the Jette skirt from Skirt Sports?

The Jette is the most versatile skirt I own. I wear it to run, race, hike, watch tennis, shop, drop kid off at school… everywhere. It’s one of the shorter models Skirt Sports makes: the front is 12 inches long and the back, 13 inches. It has an elastic waistband with drawstring (to adjust, if needed) and a small hidden pocket for keys, cash, credit card or ID; the shorties have silicone lining so they don’t ever ride up, and two side pockets to store gels, your phone, or anything you might want to take with you.

I ran the Santa Rosa Marathon in one of my many Jette skirts (the Tantrum print) and had plenty of room for everything I needed to carry on my 26.2-mile journey.

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Watch this video to get a better look at the Jette:


And a couple more photos of yours truly in various Jette skirt prints:

A photo posted by Aleks Todorova (@aleksruns) on

A photo posted by Aleks Todorova (@aleksruns) on

Impatient to enter the giveaway already? Just one last thing, a bit of fine print:

This giveaway is made possible by Skirt Sports; when you enter the giveaway through the widget below, you agree to the rules of the giveaway. Skirt Sports will collect the emails of all giveaway entrants (but you can later unsubscribe from future email communications). The value of the giveaway is $69 and sales tax, if applicable; the winner will not be required to make any payment. Should the winner choose a print that is currently on sale, they will not receive the difference between the above amount and the actual cost of their product in any form (store credit, coupons, or otherwise). This giveaway ends at 12 a.m. (midnight) Pacific time on September 9, 2015.

If you cannot wait until then and want to order your Jette skirt, or any other Skirt Sports product, ASAP, use this 20% off code for your shopping pleasure: SSCCM20.

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