Pretty Pink, Please

Pretty Pink, Please
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Hot pink. A very tough color to pull off, unless you’re Lady Gaga, of course. Or Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 2, but not the original Legally Blonde, because who are we kidding: for at least the first half of that movie, we all thought she was dumb.

Hot pink has the reputation of being too girly. Also, age-inappropriate for those of us old enough to have actually worn it in high school, in the form of spandex tights and in combination with neon green spandex tube tops.

But I digress.

The question is, if I feel that way about hot pink, then why is my entire store-bought running wardrobe in that color exactly? (Note the “store-bought” qualifier, by the way: I exclude from this category race T-shirts, which lately have been overwhelmingly medium to dark grey. Big mistake, that grey, but let’s get back to this later.)

Seriously, though, look: Read more