Over-Medaled and Under-Jeweled

Over-Medaled and Under-Jeweled
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I have 4.8 pounds of metal – er, medals – in the house. Well, in reality, they live their unglamorous life a box:

… and only see the light of day for the few seconds it takes me to stuff yet another one in there.

Sure, I enjoy getting and wearing my medal after a race. But a day later? It’s boxed in. Forgotten.

Oh, wait! There is one exception! We threw a disco-theme party for a friend’s birthday and decorated our place with all the bling we could find around the apartment, which included my medals. (That was a good number of years ago, as you can see, there were a lot fewer of them):

Now, let’s conclude our photographic journey with this photo from today’s Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. Read more