The Road Less Traveled and Sunday in Search

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Some days, you just need to run the road less traveled.

At least I did, on my long run today. Kind of felt tired of my regular route, you know? So instead of heading right at my starting point, like I always do, I headed left.

Ended up running from Mountain View (land of the startups) to Palo Alto (land of the startups). What can I say. No matter which road you take in Silicon Valley, you end up in Startup Land.

Take that literally, if you will. Or not.

Anyway, I saw some pretty cool views on my run. It would’ve been perfect, if not for the pain in my super-tight butt [fess up now: did you click expecting a photo of my butt? did ya? naughty-naughty!].

But here, look at some photos [of scenery]: I liked it!

And lest you think I’m taking an easy way out with a blog post composed of five photos and 15 words, here’s a fun new thing: Sunday in Search.

What were some of the weirdest/ funniest ways people found this blog today?

  1. power ranger ornaments – sorry, we only have a Power Ranger Halloween costume.
  2. ripped in seven days – I’ve been doing this core strength workout fairly regularly for months, but what can I say. My abs have yet to rip (rip up? rip out?).
  3. po werranger – huh? of course, I had to Google this myself. And:

    Aaaah-ha! Google. Helping fried-brain people find the obvious since 1999.
  4. tiffany blue furniture – that sounds fun! I only have Tiffany Blue Nike shoes, though.
  5. footsiesmust take good care of those!
  6. nike caffeine – why Nike?

And there you have it, just a few of the weird things people search for on the Internet. Google on, folks; Google on!

Today’s run:
First real run after a week’s rest. (A mile and a half yesterday doesn’t count.)

I took it easy, but still it wasn’t quite pain free. Not excruciating pain, but uncomfortable. It took me several miles to feel warmed up and get into a groove, but from mile 11 on, it al sort of went downhill. (Except in the context of running, the expression “it all went downhill from there” should be switched for “it all went uphill from there,” yes?)

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