Representin’ the AG One Last Time

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Seeing how today was my last run before tomorrow — Doh!… but significant because tomorrow I jump over to another age group — I made an impulse decision to make this one count. That is, count stairs.

I mean, run stairs.

If you live in the SJ, you must do Communications Hill at least one in your lifetime. Then you’ll want to come again and again, because it’s so pretty:[from my archives]

And if you live elsewhere, you must find a big ol’ hill with lots of stairs and run up — then go around down. Three benefits to doing this:

1. It’s very, very likely that you will be treated to nice views up top:

2. If there is a way around the stairs (usually, there is), you can run downhill for a while:


3. You will kick butt — or your butt will be kicked, whichever.

To make this workout even more of a butt-kicker, in fact, I biked to said stairs and back home, about 5.5 miles each way.

My RunKeeper was also having a field day. It was throwing hissy fits left and right, beginning with my first bike leg:As I said, it was 5.5 miles, not 8+. And interestingly enough, the splits show the correct distance:But when I took on the stairs (and the consequent loop around, which altogether is roughly a mile) it really went to town:I particularly enjoyed mile 2, which I ran in just 1 min 17 seconds, that was killer:As you can see, I was flying — not running. In fact, have a map view:I have a suspicion why it did this, actually. I forgot to disable the WiFi on my phone and this is densely populated by town homes. My phone must’ve gone crazy trying to hook up to one WiFi, then to another. (Hope it had a good time!)

Then on my way back, I paused it at an red light and forgot to turn it back on for the better part of the way:

Do you ever have that issue with your iPhone/ Android GPS? How do you fix it?

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