Step by Step, Ooh Baby!

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Why do steps make running feel so… epic?

Oh, I know why:

Anyway. I met up with three lovely mother runners this morning and we kicked some butt on some steps.

I couldn’t even get a correct count of those things. 205? 201? They go on and on, and on.

But the view from the top is extra-special:

The best part is, there’s a road that goes down from the top of the steps and around to the bottom, so you can run up, then run around and back down.

We were rocking it after two loops:

I’m keepin’ it tight with my new argyle Pro Compression socks. Those things are still 40% off, with coupon code SOM112 (valid through November 30, 2012).

After five loops, my quads and butt insisted that I head back to Trader Joe’s, pronto. Anybody ever buy a bunch of cheese because they wanted a wooden board and a wooden knife?

Chocolate milk may be my favorite post-run drink, but sometimes, a girl’s gotta have her pickles.

Today’s run:
To really appreciate it, one must first examine the elevation chart.

Within these four miles were at least 1,000 steps, so technically 10-minute mile splits aren’t so bad.

Ah. You didn’t think I’d leave without this, did you?

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