Taking It Easy — On the Bike. Not.

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The day before a half marathon, you’re supposed to rest up, so the next morning your legs feel fresh and eager to run. Smart thinking!

But we all know how often I do smart things: not very.

So this morning, HusbandRuns and I headed out bright and early to join my Tri-peeps for a 16-mile bike ride at UVAS reservoir.

That, you see, is the route of our first official event – the Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon – just two short weeks away.

[Already looking forward to the race after tomorrow’s race. My name is Aleks and I am a race addict.]

Anyhow. It was a brilliant morning on a beautiful course:And of course, we weren’t the only people who had decided to ride the course of this race ahead of time. The parking lot – which will be the transition area on race day – was quite busy.In fact, another group left a few minutes before us. It was super fun passing some of those guys on the way back. I may be hitting the brakes hard on the steep downhills, but there’s enough power in those legs to catch up to most everyone on the uphills. Yes, I know this isn’t smart.

Smart, though, was going through some basics of transition and getting a peek at the swim course. Where we go in:Where we get out:

Meanwhile, other biker groups were coming back from their rides and going for a run right away — and I was feeling mighty jealous. Please tell me I’m not the only person who feels a twinge of envy every time a runner goes by? “Damn, that’s good form. I wish I ran like that. I wish I was running right now!

Oh well. I’ll be running tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone at RnR SF!

Today’s ride:I wish RunKeeper could automatically switch from measuring pace (minute-mile) to speed (mph) when the Cycling or Mountain Biking option is selected… It only makes sense!

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