Ryan Gosling’s Ten Rules for a Happy Mother Runner’s Day

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably making plans for a busy weekend of mom-preciation.

It’s no easy task and we, mother runners, don’t make it easier by being your ordinary moms. Oh no. We may like a nice brunch — but we like it best when it’s preceded by a good ol’ sweaty long run. We love pedicures and massages — so long as they’re planned around our race schedule.

But most of all, we love us some Ryan Gosling-esque support of our running endeavors. Don’t think I’m just babbling. Ryan Gosling is a great supporter of Mother Runners and has been known to show up at races on a regular basis: Here are his ten rules for a happy Mother Runner’s Day (all images via the Hey Runner Girl tumblr; a most inspiring page, by the way; check it out.)

1. On Mother Runner’s Day, you shall let the Mother Runner sleep in. Day after day, she wakes up pre-dawn to sneak in a run or workout while the family snoozes. Tell her to forget the alarm this Sunday: there will be time to run later.

2. When the Mother Runner wakes up, you shall greet her with a cup of coffee and her favorite light, pre-run breakfast.

3. After breakfast, you shall let the Mother Runner go for a run. Tell her you will play with the kids, and may her run be as long and leisurely as she wants it to be.

4. While the Mother Runner is running, you shall clean the house.

5. And prepare a delicious treat for when she comes back. Or have the kids help you whip up a batch of brownies from a box. It’s the thought that counts!

6. When the Mother Runner is back from her run, you shall compliment her on her looks…

7. And you shall offer to give her a foot massage…

8. Or tend to any nagging injuries the Mother Runner may have.

9. You shall let the Mother Runner enjoy a nice long bath at the end of the day. Or at least be the one to put the kids to bed, so she can read her favorite magazine (or blog).

10. And you shall spend the rest of the evening however the Mother Runner sees fit.

What are your plans for Mother Runner’s day?

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