Sunday Morning at Quicksilver

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Just a quick post to share some photos from last Sunday’s run at Quicksilver park. I need to get used to those long hilly runs for Big Sur next year, and Quicksilver adds some trails into the mix: perfect!

Perfectly cloudy, with a chance of fog – up ahead and far, far away.
Roughly a third into it, getting closer to the top.
Hello, fog. It’s nice to breathe you in. Refreshing! At roughly 1660 ft elevation now.
Quicksilver runners.
Our turnaround point, five miles in. There is an amazing view beyond this table, but you can’t really see it. Thanks, Fog. But, as you can see, the sun is now peeking out from behind the clouds.
On our way back, some initially confusing signage. Bikers and dog walkers: yield to hikers. Everyone, yield to horses. Where are the runners???
More than two miles of delicious downhill up ahead! Finally, we pick it up and do a couple of sub-9 min miles.
And lookie here: the sun came out!
And hello! Tiffany and I, agreeing that sometimes it’s worth to stop and pose for that perfect photo. Love it!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning at Quicksilver

    • August 5, 2013 at 10:01 pm

      It’s SkirtSports – the very first company to invent/ introduce the running skirt to our world! I’ve been running in them since 2006 and love them!

  • July 29, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    That elevation is crazy! We had really bad fog here this weekend, too. It was so thick you could barely see and it didn’t let up for hours.

    Congratulations on a great run!


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