Show Off What Running Gave You in SkirtSports’ Cougar Skirt!

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First, if you haven’t seen Lauren Fleschman’s Keeping It Real yet, check it out now — and learn to love your thigh cheese.

Because let’s face it: who hasn’t hated their cheese. Thigh cheese, arm cheese, knee cheese… all kinds of cheese. And the thigh jiggle. How about that one?

One reason I fell in love with Skirt Sports’ running skirts – besides the irresistible hot pink color, of course – was that they hid my jiggle. (To think that this was almost nine years ago, by the way, when I didn’t have anywhere close to the jiggle that comes with your 30s and kids…)

Today, I’m still a Skirt girl — but I’ve accepted the jiggle and, honestly, could care less about it. As long as the legs take me from start to finish without chafing: you lose, jiggle – I win.

Of course, my favorite skirt is still hot pink, and it just happens to be long enough to hide the jiggle:[Feeling badass in a hot pink skirt? Priceless.]

So when SkirtSports rolled out the Cougar Skirt — notably shorter than the Gym Girl Ultra I’m used to wearing — I thought: perhaps it’s best to leave this one to the young ones. The ones whose legs look like this: And that was going to be the end of the story. But then they asked me if I wanted to try out any of their new-line items and review here. And I thought.. What the heck, why not!

I may have thigh cheese, I may have jiggle. But underneath the cheese (that jiggles) are strong muscles that go for miles and miles. I will show off my cheese and jiggle in this cute little skirt, and be proud of it!

So here I am, on a recent sunny day, about to go for a run:And what better way to test new running gear than try it out, for the very first time, on a casual 11-miler?I love the Cougar skirt for many reasons, not least because it’s made of incredibly light and soft material that doesn’t bunch up, get in the way as you run, or do anything other than flatter your bottom and hide the top of your thigh cheese (if you still care about that). But what I like most about it is the typical attention to detail the ladies at SkirtSports have yet again given to their product: the little things that truly show that this is gear made for athletes, by athletes. For example:

1. The top of the skirt is elastic, but also has a drawstring to help you further customize how tight you want it. My other skirts tend to slide down in the beginning of a run, so I end up having to pull them up every now and then, until I’m sweaty enough that the skirt stays. With this one: problem solved!

2. A back pocket with a zipper, to store car keys, ID, money, or even your phone.

3. If you’d rather have easier access to your phone, you’ve got two pockets on the sides of the shorties that are perfectly sized to fit an iPhone, or two gels.

4. The bottom of the shorties is lined up with silicone, so they don’t run up as you run. Case in point: 11-miler done with not a single adjustment!

5. This is the one thing I found missing on this model: the little hole on the side of the skirt for the earbuds cable. (Imagine my phone in one of the side pockets, the cable then goes up, out through the little hole and up to my ears.) This isn’t a problem if you don’t listen to music as you run, but I do like my tunes. So I just cut a small hole and secured it with some nail polish. It’s not the prettiest, but oh well. I used glitter.

Without a doubt, the Cougar skirt will be making a regular appearance at the races and trails in the next months — and, knowing the high quality of my other SkirtSports stuff – perhaps years! (And yes, I know you didn’t ask for a closeup of my thigh cheese (is it accurate to call the part where the short pinches the thigh fat “muffin top”?) #KeepingItReal

5 thoughts on “Show Off What Running Gave You in SkirtSports’ Cougar Skirt!

  • July 21, 2014 at 4:38 am

    Love SkirtSports!!!!! I’ve always wanted to try their skirts, but never did because I hate to order online and not be sure about sizing, etc. I visited Colorado in early Juky, and stopped at the SkirtSports boutique store at their HQ! I got the Cougar Skirt and Gym Girl Ultra. Love them both!!!!!!!! And, everything you said about the Cougar Skirt is 100% correct!!!! It’s my absolute favorite!!!! Took it on a 7-mile run yesterday and didn’t adjust anything.

  • February 24, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    I got my first Skirt Sports skirt a few weeks ago and tried it out hiking at the weekend. Liked it lots, trying running in it soon. This new skirt is cute! Love the ruffles!

    • February 24, 2014 at 8:31 pm

      Welcome to the club! Which model did you get? (The Cougar is brilliant! I hope they get more colors/ patterns out soon!)

  • February 24, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    That thigh jiggle? I don’t see any. 🙂
    Cute skirt! 🙂 I’ve never worn running skirt. I may have to check this out when the weather gets warmer. 🙂

    • February 24, 2014 at 8:29 pm

      That’s the thing: the skirt still hides the jiggle 🙂 (And you only see it on the move, anyway!) Definitely check out running skirts (some brands call them “skort”) – but make sure the underskirt part doesn’t ride up. Chafing aside, the whole scrunching up isn’t pleasant – just one reason why I gave up shorts as soon as I discovered the Skirt!


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