To Be a Runner is To Be…

To Be a Runner is To Be…
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Runners from all over the world headed to Staten Island to help in relief efforts. Photo by ING U.S. via their Facebook page

This photo is making the rounds today, quite deservingly evoking gratitude, kudos and blessings from around the web. These runners came to New York City from all over the world to run its streets, but will leave it having done something even better. They helped the city get back on its feet.

That so many marathoners headed to Staten Island to help the relief effort didn’t surprise me at all. Have you met a runner? I dare you to find one – someone who loves running, and who is also mean, narrow-minded, annoying, or in any other way unpleasant to be around. It’s as likely as procuring an egg if no chicken existed. Or vice versa.

To be a runner, you have to persistent and able to give more of yourself than you thought you had. Especially after mile 20.

Runners are healthy and strong, and a strong body means a strong mind. Runners are smart.

Runners are persistent, often downright stubborn.

Runners set goals and complete them, then set new and tougher ones.

Runners are giving to others. Just think of the millions of dollars collected for charity through running.

Runners are happy. How can you not be, when you’re making all those endorphins on a daily basis?

How runners helped Staten Island today, via Buzzfeed. Look through all the photos without tearing up: it’s a dare.

Today’s run:

Ran a “10k” for New York City today. Would have gone for 26.2 if I could, but that would be a bit premature (training for LA Marathon officially begins next week!) Still, an “Empire State of Mind” kind of run.