TGIFoto Dump While Being *That* Runner

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Happy Friday! Or, for some of you, Saturday morning. I can never get around to writing these things before 9 p.m., and what do you know, that’s midnight on the East coast.

The East Coast is about to get some more snow, by the way, not to mention the cold wave hitting the Midwest (brrrrr), while here in Cali it’s all sun, warmth and cloudless skies:But it’s been a looo-oooong week, lots of work, some running, yoga, and a nagging pain in the butt that, contrary to what I thought, was not helped by the yoga in the very least.

So today, after I limped through seven slow and painful miles, I finally dragged that butt to the chiropractor. Love the chiropractor! The verdict: no butt injury (yay!). But my lower back vertebrae are compressed or something (or other), most likely a result of the plenty-hilly Coyote Hills half marathon I ran last Saturday. When you run hills, your alignment goes all off-kilter, and if you’ve become well too used to pancake-flat routes… oh well. Regardless, those views were worth it.

So now I’m lying down on a gigantic ice gel thing. You know the Sesame Street boo boo buddies? It’s just like that, but a boring ol’ square for grownups. BabyRuns decided I should have at least some fun, so he gave me a pony. Ponies help. Don’t ask me why we have them in the house, I don’t know.

Speaking of BabyRuns, he is now officially:That’s right, KarateKid! Loves it, too. I never thought I’d see him meditate but yes, he does it.

I can’t lie, I feel a little hurt that he seems to love something else more than running, but I guarantee you, Mr and Mrs Mickey and Minnie Mouse will not show up at karate practice, while we all know who’s running with them in the Disneyland Half (and kids’ run) this September. Oh yeah.

And speaking of races, tomorrow is Dirty Girl Run volunteer (and run!) day! So excited, I almost think I won’t mind having to wake up at 5:30.

And: tomorrow is also your LAST chance to enter the 408K Race free entry giveaway! For real, if you live around here, that race is NOT to be missed!

KarateKid said so!

How was your week?

Today’s run:
Good thing it was supposed to be an easy one, I limped for about five miles, then decided to run on tippy-toes (i.e. try some forefoot striking; no heel touching the ground) for the last two. It was actually fun and hurt less. I’m sure I gave quite a few passing drivers a good laugh, too.

Yup. I was that runner:

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