I’m Not Even Joking — Just Juicing

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Before:After:Before:After:Before:After:Repeat the first and second before-after combos twice and you have a 100% accurate idea of what I’ve had to eat drink today.

I know it’s April Fools, but I’m perfectly serious when I say that I feel full, to the point of promising BabyRuns that he can have FroYo after dinner and not even craving any.

We (my husband, mom and I — not the kid) are following these recipes and finding that each one produces up to 20-24 oz of juice instead of 16 oz, which I assumed would be standard portion size.

Or am I wrong? There’s just so much… juice. In fact, earlier today and by unanimous vote we decided to eliminate the third round of green juice and skip to the 6 p.m. “orange” one. (And we have yet to make the Almond milk drink, which sounds delicious and I hope by 8 p.m. I will feel like drinking it.)

For days two and three, we’ll probably make up to two portion sizes for the three of us, else I may sprout… I don’t know. Just sprout.

Oh, and get this: I was up at 5 a.m. today to get to the pool, swam nearly 1.5 miles – and haven’t had a drop of coffee. And I don’t feel tired or sleepy yet. Crazy.

Today’s workout:1000 yards warmup, 500 yards practicing “sighting,” 200 yards freestyle, 400 practicing sighting, 200 yards cool-down.

Please tell me there is a way to get the smell of chlorine off skin? It’s become permanent.

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