Recipe vs Reality: Sweet Potato Burgers with Avocado

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Based on extensive experience, I’ve decided to start a new “recipe vs reality” blog feature.

You see, I try new recipes all the time. But while they look amazingly appetizing online; what happens in our kitchen… not so much:I tried to make these blue cheese tartlets on Thanksgiving and blamed the result on Turkey Trot tiredness… but really, it wasn’t a fluke.

The other day, I came across these mouthwatering sweet potato burgers with avocado (seriously, look at the photos and tell me you don’t want to eat them):


So right away, I procured (most) of the ingredients and got to work. Baked the sweet potatoes, mashed them, mixed in white beans, [forgot to get tahini sauce, oh well], added whole wheat flour and it was time to heat the oil, make the patties and cook:

Oops… burned ’em.
Original (yum!):
Mine:To boot, we didn’t have any burger buns around (we almost never make burgers at home), so I had to use sourdough bread slices:HusbandRuns said they looked great to him, but he’s obliged to say so by marital contract?

They were still yummy, though.

Have you had any follow-the-recipe disasters recently?

Workout today:Drills and some easy laps. I’m not getting any faster in the pool, which is a little disconcerting, considering I’m planning to do an Olympic distance triathlon (swim portion is 1500 meters, or 0.93 miles) in a little over a month. The race leaders will be crossing that Finish line, and I’ll still be swimming!

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