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There’s an excessive heat warning for the San Francisco Bay Area for this weekend. I normally would’ve shrugged that off and headed to San Francisco or Half Moon Bay (always 20 degrees cooler there!), but this Sunday I’m heading up to Pleasanton for the California International Triathlon.

Forecast for Pleasanton:[that’s actually a tad better than yesterday’s forecast, when it was a round 100]

All I can say is, I’m happy I’ll be doing something that involves swimming and biking before I somehow waddle through a 10K (with my tongue out: dogs do it, it must help?).

Well, except I’ve been following the water quality reports for Shadow Cliffs as well and what do you know:The water is full of poop and e-coli. Yum.

The warning is at Yellow level, which means it’s still allowed to swim, but I’ll really have to watch out how much I swallow.

As for the heat, here’s how I typically handle it:

1. Slow down. Willingly or not, at least a 30-sec per mile slower on the run, or else I faint. (I dramatize.)

2. Water at every aid station. One cup down the throat, another (or two) down my head to cool down.

3. Wear a visor. I’m not a fan of hats, but a visor keeps the sun out of my face without the extra head coverage.

At least in triathlon, my clothes will be wet for some welcome minutes after the swim! And possibly covered in e-coli and poop.

Is anyone racing this weekend? What do you do to keep cool in the heat?

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