Race News. Marathon. New Shoes?

Race News. Marathon. New Shoes?
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Super-exciting news today!

First, this morning I received an email that the race formerly known as “US Half: The Other Half” — that was one awkward name, wasn’t it? — is now officially the San Francisco Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon. Yet another road race to add to my calendar, yay! Instantly, I dropped $86.65 – seriously, an $80 fee to start with? Why so expensive, Rock’n’Roll events? (I actually know why, but that’s a subject for another – longer – conversation.)

And because I was on a spending streak and the LA Marathon has been tempting me for about a week now, I figured: what the heck. BAM! Another $154.57. (But pssst: prices go up November 1, so technically I saved.)

March 17, 2013: LA marathon, here I come!

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