These Ten Miles Flew

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Sun, skirt and short sleeves. I am back in my running element!

Snow is fun and all — once every three to five years? After my last uber-snowy thirty miles (three, twenty, then seven), don’t mind if I avoid the thing until, I don’t know, possibly 2016.

My Newtons seem to still remember, though. They were making a funny sound when I laced up today:

Yeah, this probably isn’t how you expected to spend 11 seconds of your life. But what do you think? Snow got in there and melted and now it’s water? We’ll see how they do the day after tomorrow. [Maybe I should make this a daily 11-second jumping-video update? Contain your excitement, people.]

Anyways. Back to running and amazing discoveries. Today I realized that yes: running at high altitude (7,000ft elevation, give or take 200) and on hilly, snowy course seems to improve performance, indeed. Even short term!

I had a 10-miler scheduled today and it felt easy. Well, no kidding: it was dry, it was flat and [#gross] my snot wasn’t freezing the instant it came out of my nose.

In fact, I felt so fresh throughout this whole run, I decided to push it a little at the end and ran the 10th mile at a sub-8 min/ mile pace. To be exact: 7:46. Bam!

Your turn to overshare: What was your strongest-you-ever-felt run like? What about your coldest-ever snot-freezing run?

Today’s run:

One thought on “These Ten Miles Flew

  • January 4, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Hmm…now I’m thinking of a Tahoe trip before my next big half marathon. Well done again on the snow running, I am officially impressed!!


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