I’m Pretty Sure That’s Not How You Taper for a Triathlon

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Can I just say that I really hope no one takes anything I write here seriously?

I have no idea what I’m doing.

OK, I may know a thing or two about running, but triathlon? Clueless.

Case in point: my training plan for the Olympic tri I’m doing this Sunday, or rather the lack of it. I just figured, I can swim two miles… as of yesterday; gosh that took me long enough:

I can ride 46 miles in a day, I can run, natch… and I’ve done not one but two (2!) sprint-distance triathlons (as of last week)… surely I can swim 0.9 miles, bike 25 and run 6.2 in – let’s hope – under four hours?

Let’s hope!

Oh, but a couple of weeks ago I did look up an olympic triathlon training plan (just one; more would’ve been stressful). I even wrote down what I’m supposed to be doing every day of the last two weeks pre-race.

Like today, I was supposed to run for 27 minutes. But that collided with my regular tri-club workout at the gym. Like most days, I ran there (3 miles), then another mile to officially “warm up”: An hour of TRX, then another mile, more core conditioning, then three miles back home. Eight miles plus some torture: done and done.

And not that I’m complaining (it ain’t New York City in August), but what is wrong with California weather these days? It rained a little yesterday – in June! has that even happened ever before? And today, it was humid!

Not that you could tell by looking around:But seriously: I was sweating at 5x my normal sweat rate. (No photos of that; you’re welcome!)

Anyone know what I should be doing the week before my first Olympic-distance triathlon?

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