2012 Race Calendar

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One long list of races in 2012 :)

March 3, Saturday: Hellyer Half Marathon, San Jose
Distance: 13.1 miles
Gun Time: 2:10:11
Net Time: 2:10:05
Pace: 9:56/mile
Overall place: 203
Age place: 22

March 11, Sunday: 408k Race to the Row, San Jose
Distance: 8k/ 4.97 miles
Net time: 0:44:10
Pace: 8:53/mile
Overall place: 2764
Gender place: 1705
Age place: 349

April 1, Sunday: Wahine Half Marathon, Honolulu
Distance: 13.1 miles
Gun time: 2:15:35
Net time: 2:15:03
Pace: 10:19/mile
Overall place: 355
Gender place: 352 (This was supposed to be a women-only marathon. Three dudes finished ahead of me.)
Age place: 84

May 20, Sunday: Bay to Breakers, San Francisco
Distance: 12k/ 7.45 miles
Net time: 1:09:19
Pace: 9:17/mile
Overall place: 3620
Gender place: 782
Age place: 268

June 3, Sunday: See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon, Alameda CA
Distance: 13.1 miles
Net time: 2:10:24
Pace: 9:57/mile
Overall place: 513
Gender place: 479 (34 dudes ahead of me in this women-only race!)
Age place: 93

June 16, Saturday: the 2012 San Jose Giant Race
Distance: 5 miles
Gun time: 44:38
Net time: 44:06
Pace: 8:49/mile
Overall place: 201
Gender place: 58
Age place: 11

July 14, Saturday: The Color Run, San Francisco
Distance: 5k
Fun run, not timed.

September 16, Sunday: The Giant Race Half Marathon, San Francisco
Distance: 13.1 miles
Gun time: 2:02:19
Net time: 2:00:54 (2012 PR at half-marathon distance)
Overall place: 1154

September 22, Saturday: Firefly Run, San Jose
Distance: 5k
Gun time: 27:44
Net time: 26:38
Pace: 8:35/mile
Overall place: 206
Gender place: 51
Age place: 6 (2012 best age place)

October 7, Sunday: Rock’n’Roll San Jose 1/2 MarathonPersonal Best!
Distance: 13.1 miles
Gun time: 2:01:42
Net time: 1:58:58
Pace: 9:05/mile
Overall place: 2472 out of 9824
Gender place: 661 out of 5295
Age place: 136 out of 985
Race recap

October 27, Saturday: Marsh Madness Run, Palo Alto
Distance: 13.1 miles
Gun Time: 02:26:39 <-- what is the opposite of PR? Slowest race ever? Net time: not recorded Overall place: 81 out of 104 Gender place: 38 Age place: 13 out of 16 Race recap

November 18, Sunday: Totally Awesome 80s Run, San Francisco
Distance: 10k
Total time: 56:57.
Net time: not available
Pace: 9:11 minute/mile
Gender place: 188 out of 1246.
Overall place: not available
Race recap

November 22, Thursday: Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, San Jose
Distance: 10k
Net time: 52:39: Personal Best!
Average pace: 8:29
Overall place: 1561 out of 8040
Women: 371 out of 4132
Age group: 78 out of 713
Race recap

November 24, Saturday: Quarry Turkey Thanksgiving Half Marathon, Quarry Lakes Regional Recreational Area
Distance: 13.1 miles
Net time: 2:02:41
Average pace: 9:22
Overall place: 136 out of 372
Age group: 5 out of 30
Rece recap

December 9, Sunday
Maui Paradise Half Marathon: virtual

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